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Wilmington is a city in southeastern North Carolina. One of the city's newspapers, the Wilmington Gazette, published a small notice about the deaths by fire of Jamie and Claire Fraser in 1776, precipitating Brianna's and consequently Roger's journeys into the past.

Outlander series

Drums of Autumn

In 1767, Jamie meets with Governor William Tryon while in Wilmington, and receives an offer of land, with a certain understanding about the give and take about such an agreement.

In 1769, Roger finds Brianna in Wilmington after a long journey through both time and space. They agree to be handfasted and spend one night together before a devastating argument separates them for nearly a year.

The Fiery Cross

While Jamie and Roger depart for a rendezvous with Stephen Bonnet at Wylie's Landing, Brianna, Claire, Marsali and the children face off with Bonnet himself in Wilmington.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Before taking the children through the stones, Brianna and Roger spend time in Wilmington while searching for another gemstone, and Brianna meets her half-brother, William Ransom.

An Echo in the Bone

William, Ninth Earl of Ellesmere, parts ways with the MacKenzie family in Wilmington and attends dinner hosted by the Bell family with his stepfather Lord John Grey and Captain Ezekiel Richardson, who offers William a job in intelligencing.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

The Frasers pass through Wilmington on their way north from Savannah back to Fraser's Ridge.