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Wentworth Prison is a fictional castle located in the Scottish Borders. Jamie stands trial there and is sentenced to hang, but not before Jack Randall has his way with him.


Built in the late sixteenth century, Wentworth Castle is constructed of greenish Argyll granite, with walls at least three feet thick. Over the course of a century and a half, additions were made until the fortress covered about two acres of ground. It could house three hundred prisoners, in addition to a garrison of forty men plus their commander, and four dozen cooks, orderlies, grooms, and other hired hands.

Events of the Novels


Jamie is on the run after a local man betrays him to the Watch, and after a few weeks he is captured by a group of redcoats and transported to Wentworth Prison. There he stands trial and is sentenced to hang. After a long search, Claire and Murtagh learn of Jamie's whereabouts and develop a scheme to free him.

While at Wentworth Prison, Jamie suffers great torture at the hands of Black Jack Randall in the dungeons. Black Jack enters the room where he is holding Jamie and discovers Claire during the escape attempt. Jamie bargains with Black Jack saying that he will not resist, if Black Jack will let Claire leave the prison unharmed. After Black Jack escorts Claire out of the prison, he returns to rape and torture Jamie repeatedly. During this time, he confesses his twisted love for Jamie, but also calls him Alex.



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