• I can’t stand Brianna anymore so much so I went searching for a way to express it on here. She is a spoiled childish brat. I find myself wanting to fast forward through her parts.. She is supposed to be 20 or 21 but acts like a teenager..I can’t fogure out if it’s the actress or the character but whole world revolves around her and it really just ruined the season for me..I think she needs a good ass beating. I don’t think she had ever been told no I’m her whole life. Thank you for letting me vent.....

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    • That is who she is - a 20 year old, raised in America, behaving like a teen (sounds like a lot of people around me), opinionated and not very cautious. As such she puts herself in danger in the 18c by following Bonnet to his room alone and wearing men's pants ( in B4). She has a lot to learn and a lot to grow. But so did her monther in S1. 

      I think the actress did a wonderful job portraying that. 

      She is important to her parents and Roger cares a lot about her, so there is no way the story will not revolve around her. 

      I am not sure why you would expect her to be a serious and mature 20 year old! She is a responsible and mature woman in B8, i.e in 12 yrs time.

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    • I completely agree. She and that storyline and her bossing every one around ruined it for me I can’t even finish the season. It’s really a shame

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    • Exactly!! She came there to warn them, but it seems she also came there to turn there happy life upside down

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