• In the first season of the show Claire is taken to the British were she sits and dine with the officers. Everything goes well and she's even been granted an escort to bring her to Inverness. But then Jack Randall  appears and than it all fall to pieces because she looses caution and starting blabbing about the English occuping Scotland ans soforth and so on. And there are other examples that it is because of her actions that Jamie gets into serious trouble. Not to forget especially the horrific torture and rape in the prison. Surely she is a child of a different time but she could have known how things were in the 18th century had she paid more attenttion in class or listens to her husband regarding his knowledge of history.

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    • I am not sure Claire blabbed in front of the British in the books.....this is from the show only and it's a writer's interpretation. BJ's appeareance ruined her plan as he was suspicious after their first meeting.....I don't think it was her behaviour that led to the problems in this particular instance.

      I am with you on the second point B1 when Claire and Murtagh get into Wenworth, it is stupid that she goes in to look for Jamie, instead of him.........what can Claire do better than Murtagh to help Jamie escape?...

      If it weren't for Claire, Jamie would not have given in to JR,..........if Murtagh had gone in, him and Jamie could have fought off JR and the guard....... I guess the author wanted to make Jamie suffer and wanted to write about perversity in 18c, so that is what she came up with.......even if she had tuned down this horrible chapter, the book still would have been a best seller, Jamie would have suffered enough to leave a permanent mark on his character with a little less gore and horrid descriptions ......but some people do like blood and violence so the author must have been after this audience.......not my favorite moment at all and yes, some stupid actions on Claire's part

      As far as Claire listening to Frank more re: history, well...she did not expect to travel thru time and she never had interest in history then, ,........she was into, that I don't find stupid. 

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    • As the Topic starter I must confess that I've not read the books and only saw the show. And from that point of vieuw I reacted to Claire. I don't know the books but in the show Claire acts rather on impulses than common sense, on several occassions. In season 2 for instance when they are trapped inside a church and surrounded by The Redcoats, she suddenly cries out that she's held hostage. I gather that there's little time for a discussion what to do beforehand. But she could have told them what she was up to. Now she took Jamie, Dougal and the rest of their party by complete surprise. And again they must go after her to rescue. It could have turned into a disaster.

      I think I must read the books. I know they are available in my language. But they come cheaper in The Netherlands in English. The translater must be paid  :-)

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    • You're right though. Claire, for all that she is intelligent and canny, acts on her impulses quite often. In the book as well. I think it helps humanize her, so we can still relate to her because she has human imperfections too.

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    • I find Claire’s stubborn and impulsive behavioe to be too much! It’s quite annoying that this character who is supposed to be a strong and intelligent person, seems unable to control her foolish impulses and rarely asks questions before barreling headlong into trouble. Of course through it all, she’s taking Jamie and his band of merry men with her! Please! Give her some common sense!

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