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The Devil's Mark is the eleventh episode of Season One of the Outlander television series.


Claire and Geillis are on trial for witchcraft. Jamie manages to rescue Claire, but not before she discovers a secret about Geillis' past.


Claire, who came to warn Geillis for an impending arrest and witch trial for her husband Arthur's death, actually by poison, is seized with her, turned in by jealous Jamie-scorned maid Laoghaire. Inquisitors are rushed in for a speedy trial, a stake is already erected, as the crowd sees no reason to doubt the clearly desired guilty verdict. Geillis confides she stole to contribute Arthur's funds to Dougal's Jacobite cause, not for love. Ned Gowan does a brilliant job discrediting the witnesses for the prosecution, but even Father Bain revoking his former witchcraft cry and assertion Claire saved a poisoned boy's life is turned around as 'proof of diabolic machinations'. Ned advises Geillis to confess, as only Claire may still survive, which she does after confiding she's from the 20th century too. Jamie arrives just when Claire is dragged to the stake and rescues her at sword-point. Then he hears her whole story, chooses to believe her and brings her to the stone circle, to attempt returning safely home to her future first husband.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tim McInnerny as Father Bain
  • Nell Hudson as Laoghaire MacKenzie
  • Kern Falconer as Kilgore
  • Mark McDonnell as Watt
  • Johnny Austin as John Macrae
  • Lucy Hollis as Jeanie Hume
  • Mark Prendergast as Alastair Duffie
  • Kim Allen as Robena Donaldson
  • Rhys Parry-Jones as Warden 3
  • Pauline Lynch as Woman
  • John Michael-Love as Burly Man

Production Notes


  • A devil's mark was a mark on the body that was used as incontrovertible proof during a witch trial that the suspect was, in fact, a witch.[1]





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