Seven Stones to Stand or Fall is a collection of short stories by Diana Gabaldon. Five of the stories have previously been published as part of anthologies or individually, while two stories are previously unpublished and exclusive to the collection.


  • In The Space Between, Jamie Fraser's step-daughter, Joan, is on her way to an abbey in Paris to become a nun – but when she meets the Comte St Germain, a wealthy French aristocrat rumored to deal in the occult – she discovers her destiny lies on quite a different path. (Also published in The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination and A Trail of Fire.)
  • In The Custom of the Army, Lord John Grey is summoned as a witness in a court martial in the wilds of Acadia, only to find himself playing a crucial role in the Battle of Quebec. (Also published in Warriors and A Trail of Fire.)
  • In A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, a WW2 Spitfire pilot called Jerry MacKenzie crashes near a stone circle and wakes up in the eighteenth century. Can the strange man he meets – who impossibly seems to know him – help him return to his wife and baby son before a terrible fate overtakes them? (Also published in Songs of Love and Death and A Trail of Fire.)
  • In Virgins, Jamie joins his best friend Ian Murray in France, where the two serve as young mercenaries. (Also published in Dangerous Women.)

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