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This page contains MAJOR SPOILERS about Rollo from the Outlander book series, which may not yet have aired in the TV series. Read at your own peril!

Rollo was Young Ian's half-wolf canine companion.

Personal History

Rollo was the result of a female Irish Wolfhound, who'd gotten out while in heat, mating with a wolf. He was won by Young Ian Murray in Charleston June 1767 from a game of dice.

Events of the Novels

In June 1767, while in Charleston for the execution of Gavin Hayes, Young Ian ventures away to avoid viewing the hanging. Instead, he finds himself gambling. After his victory in a game of dice, Ian becomes the rather proud owner of a wolf-dog hybrid. Ian's aunt Claire Fraser is apprehensive at the start, having a bad history with wolves from the early years of her marriage to Jamie Fraser. His uncle, though, is more warm to Rollo, though wary. Duncan Innes is just as uncertain as Claire, not caring for dogs in general.

When the question of what he may eat is raised, Ian assures his aunt and uncle that Rollo can hunt for himself. Jamie is quick to point out that the Captain of the Bonnie Mary, Jared Fraser's ship that Ian is to supposed to sail home on, might not take kindly to the large animal on board. Ian is delighted to tell his uncle that the ship had sailed three days prior, so he and Rollo would not be separated.

As they are returning to retrieve Gavin's body from the wagon, Rollo launches himself at an unknown figure who had risen from the wagon bed. Rollo is restrained by Ian as Fergus joins the fray. During their traveling, Rollo proves to be a faithful companion to Ian.

Once the group has begun to settle at Fraser's Ridge, Rollo goes hunting with Ian, whether Ian hunts alone or with local Indians he has befriended while accompanying John Quincy Myers through the backcountry. When Ian falls ill from the measles, Rollo loyally stays close by his master.

When Ian chooses to stay in Snaketown and marry Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa, Rollo naturally stays with him. Perhaps because of the dog, the Mohawk name Ian Wolf's Brother.

In October 1772, Rollo returns to Fraser's Ridge with his master Ian. His presence at first is frightening to Brianna, as her young son Jemmy approaches the beast, but her fear subsides when she realizes Ian has returned, and it's just Rollo.

In March 1773, Rollo is with Ian when a group of travelers start shooting wildly in the wood. Ian is struck by a flying splinter of wood, and manages to travel only so far on the way back to the Ridge. Rollo goes the rest of the way to the house, and dances about frantically to encourage Claire to follow him to Ian, who lies barely conscious on the path.

After Marsali has Henri-Christian, Ian recounts the story of how his first baby died, and of the night he and Rollo fought and killed a pregnant wolf.

Rollo leaves the Ridge with Ian, Jamie, and Claire in March 1777 to travel to Scotland and Lallybroch. They intend to retrieve Bonnie, Jamie's printing press, but the journey also gives Ian an escape from being haunted by the memory of killing Mrs. Bug, and Arch Bug's threat to kill any woman Ian should marry as vengeance.

While seeking out a ship for their voyage, the group comes across a pair of orphaned boys. Rollo goes with Ian to see to finding kin of the orphans. He had wandered off when Arch sets upon them and threatens one of the children, revealing that the pair are not boys but actually girls.

As they sail aboard the Tranquil Teal, Rollo is kept below, as most of the crew fear him for his size and fierce wolfish aspect. The Teal is approached by the British naval cutter Pitt, and Ian and Jamie are almost pressed into service by the Pitt's captain. However, they fight back and find themselves in control of the cutter, with Rollo left behind aboard the Teal. Several hours later, the Pitt is attacked by a privateer and the Frasers and Young Ian come aboard it, and another sea battle between the privateer and the Teal occurs the same afternoon. Ian and Rollo are reunited. Following the events at sea, Jamie is forced to take a short-term contract with militia and they find themselves at Fort Ticonderoga in late May or early June.

In June,[1] Ian and Rollo walk through the Great Dismal and encounter William Ransom, who is running from two Indians. Ian dismisses the Indians, who intended to sell William into slavery, and removes a splinter from William's arm. In light of William's worsening condition, Ian takes him to a Quaker doctor, Denzell Hunter and his sister Rachel Hunter for treatment.

In October, following the Battles of Saratoga, Ian kills a man blackmailing Jamie and is forced to run. Rollo is injured trying to defend Ian. Rachel is quick to defend Rollo when someone demands that he be put down for biting a man. Denzell also speaks on Rollo's behalf, though more to defend his sister, who refuses to surrender the injured animal. When Ian is forced to leave for Scotland with his aunt and uncle to take a fallen kinsmen home, Rollo is left in Rachel's care.

In November, Rollo accompanies the Hunters when William brings them to Philadelphia to treat his injured cousin Henry Grey.

In April 1778, Claire and Ian return from Scotland. Claire returns early to tend to Henri-Christian Fraser, who needs surgery for a life-threatening illness, while Ian returns to find Rachel and express his desire to marry her. While walking in the city with Rachel, Rollo picks up Ian's scent and races to find his master. Rachel, unable to keep up, is detained by Arch Bug, though William intercedes to ensure Rachel's safety.

By the time Ian reaches the city and buys food on the street, Rollo has tracked him and knocks him down, happy at the sight of his master. In late May to early June, Ian comes to Fergus's printshop and finds Arch Bug holding Rachel against her will and waiting for him. Ian and Rollo fight Bug and Ian is wounded in the process. Eventually, William Ransom arrives and shoots Bug, killing him.

On June 16, 1778, Rollo is with Ian as he mourns his mother Jenny and Uncle Jamie, as he believes they have died aboard the Euterpe on their way to America.

On their way to Philadelphia, Ian and Rachel meet William Ransom, and Rachel informs him about their engagement. William is furious, as he has feelings for Rachel, and also hasn't yet reconciled himself to being the bastard son of a Scottish criminal. William and Ian get into a fight, Rollo interfering on behalf of his master, and Ian is arrested by British soldiers for assaulting an officer. Due to Jamie's intervention, William tells the soldiers to set Ian free. Later, Ian and Rachel come to Lord John Grey's house, where Ian is reunited with his mother Jenny.

Rollo sustains an injury while scouting with Ian prior to the Battle of Monmouth, and is left behind with Rachel while his master goes into battle.

In late July or early August 1778, Ian marries Rachel in a double Quaker wedding, with Denzell Hunter marrying Dottie Grey. Rollo accompanies Ian, and Lord John Grey remarks that Rollo is the best man.

Rollo dies in the night on September 15, 1778. He doesn't wake up the next morning, and Ian and his wife Rachel go to bury him.


For being half wolf Rollo for the most part was a rather tame creature. He was completely devoted to Ian from the day they met to the day he died. He could be fierce in a fight or while hunting. Yet was still gentle around children such as Jeremiah MacKenzie.

Physical Appearance

Rollo was a mix of wolf and Irish wolfhound which lead to him being broader through his head and chest with longer legs making him larger than the average wolf. His coat was a shade of gray-brown with big yellow eyes.


  • Rollo is the Latinized form of Roul, the Old French form of Rolf.[2]
    • Rolf is from the Germanic name Hrolf, a contracted form of Hrodulf (Rudolf). In turn, the name Rudolf derives from the Germanic elements hrod ("fame") and wulf ("wolf").[3][4]


TV Series

Dui, a Northern Inuit, portrays Rollo in the Outlander television adaptation.


Season Four



  1. There is some inconsistency in An Echo in the Bone:
    • On June 12, 1777, the Frasers and Ian Murray are at Fort Ticonderoga. Claire talks to Ian about his problems with having children, and he leaves the Fort the next day (Chapter 35).
    • On June 21, 1777, William Ransom is wandering through the Great Dismal (Chapter 36). A few days later, he is wounded and meets Ian Murray who helps him to get to a Quaker settlement in search of medical care (Chapter 37). William is tended by Rachel Hunter (Chapter 38). William then travels with Rachel and Denzell north for some weeks and they part ways in New Jersey (Chapters 41–42). Denzell intends to join the Continental army as a surgeon.
    • On June 18, 1777, Claire writes in a letter to Brianna and Roger from Fort Ticonderoga that Ian left the fort a month ago, and that "the new influx of recruits brought with it a young Quaker doctor named Denzell Hunter and his sister, Rachel" (Chapter 43).
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