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River Run is a large plantation in North Carolina. It was purchased in 1746 by Hector Cameron, and produces timber, pitch, turpentine, tobacco and indigo.


Around 1746, Hector Cameron emigrated with his wife from Scotland to North Carolina, where he purchased a large tract of land. He cleared the forest, built a house and a sawmill, and bought slaves to work the mill and newly planted fields of tobacco and indigo. Over the years, River Run began supplying the British Navy with timber, pitch, and turpentine, and came to rely on the success of this relationship.[1]

In 1771, the widow Cameron married Duncan Innes, who became the new administrator of the plantation's affairs. However, just a few years later in 1776, Duncan was forced to sell River Run when the estate's monetary assets dried up, and growing anti-Loyalist sentiment posed a danger to him and his wife. He kept a couple of warehouses on the river and a few other assets, but disposed of the plantation, slaves, and livestock.[2]


Hector and Jocasta lived here together until the winter of 1766-7, when Hector died. Jocasta lived as a widow until 1771 when she married Duncan Innes, who took over administration of the plantation from Jocasta's butler, Ulysses.


River Run is situated on the Cape Fear River, near the settlements of Cross Creek and Campbelton.




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