This is the family history of Frank Randall, as adapted from The Outlandish Companion.[1]


Family Tree


Denys Randall
Jessica Wolverton
Edward Randall
Jonathan Wolverton Randall
Mary Hawkins
Alexander Randall
Sarah Denholm
Denys Randall-Isaacs
Alexander Randall
Franklin Randall
Barbara Wormsley
Susan Randall
Mary Randall
George Edward Randall
Edith Rufenacht
Sophie Unwin
Peter Franklin
Paul Jonathan Randall
Margaret Ainslie
Alexander Randall
Jonathan Edward Randall
Nora Sheffield
Claire Beauchamp
Frank Randall
Brianna Randall
Roger MacKenzie
Jeremiah MacKenzie
Amanda MacKenzie

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  1. The tree on this page was adapted from that found in The Outlandish Companion by Diana Gabaldon, which represents what the character Frank Randall thought he knew about his ancestral lines. Please read the notes on this page for additional information.