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Outlander: Season 5 (Original Television Soundtrack) was released May 15, 2020, by Sony Classical and Sparks & Shadows.[1] Composed by Bear McCreary, the soundtrack features vocals by Raya Yarbrough, Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, and Griogair Labhruidh, and has a total running time of 1:09:48. It contains tracks from the entire fifth season.

Track Listing

  1. Outlander – The Skye Boat Song (Choral Version) [feat. Raya Yarbrough]
  2. The New Fraser’s Ridge
  3. As Long as We Both Shall Live
  4. L-O-V-E (feat. Richard Rankin)
  5. Blood of my Blood
  6. Murtagh’s Oath
  7. The Fiery Cross (feat. Griogair Labhruidh)
  8. The Battle of Alamance
  9. Murtagh
  10. Young Ian Returns
  11. Clementine (feat. Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton)
  12. A Red, Red Rose
  13. The Fang Syringe
  14. Justice for Bonnet
  15. Journeycake
  16. Lighting the Cross (feat. Griogair Labhruidh)
  17. Saving Claire
  18. Outlander – The Skye Boat Song (Solo Vocal Version) [feat. Raya Yarbrough]


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