The Murray Family as it exists in the Outlander series.

Family History

Ian Alastair Robert MacLeod Murray was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Murray[1] in May 1720. He had one sister. "Auld John" Murray worked as factor of the estate of Broch Tuarach for Brian Fraser. Ian grew up in a farmhouse near the Frasers' home, and was best friends with Brian's son, Jamie Fraser. In 1740, Ian married Jamie's sister, Jenny, and they had their first child, James, the following year.

Family Tree


  • For more of the Fraser family, see Fraser of Lovat.
  • Angus Walter Edwin Murray Lyle (also known as "Wally") is the biological son of Geordie Carmichael, brother of Paul Lyle. Geordie raped Maggie, who never told her husband what happened.
  • In An Echo in the Bone, Ian meets Emily's five-year-old son, who is nicknamed Digger. Digger tells Ian that Tewaktenyonh told Digger that he was the son of Ian's spirit. After Emily offers Ian the honor of naming her daughter, Ian instead chooses to name her son: Swiftest of Lizards. It remains ambiguous whether Swiftest of Lizards is Ian's biological son, or Tewaktenyonh only meant that the child is Ian's son by the Mohawk way of thinking – that is, a man's spirit must overcome a woman's to conceive a child.[2][3]

Old John Murray
Unnamed wife
Ian Murray
Jenny Fraser
James Fraser Murray
("Young Jamie")
Margaret Ellen Murray ("Maggie")
Paul Lyle
Angus Walter Edwin Murray ("Wally")
Anthony Brian Montgomery
Katherine Mary Murray
George Silvers ("Geordie")
Janet Ellen Murray
Michael Murray
Lilliane ("Lillie")†
Caitlin Maisri Murray
Ian Fraser Murray
("Young Ian")
Works With Her Hands (Emily)
Iseabaìl (Yeksa'a)†
Rachel Hunter
Unnamed son

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