MacKenzies are charming as larks in the field—but sly as foxes, with it.

The MacKenzies of Leoch were a fictional Scottish clan in the Outlander series. Although many descendants still live as of the latest installment in the series, the clan seat at Castle Leoch was abandoned and the clan dispersed after the failed Jacobite Rising of 1745.

Family HistoryEdit

In 1690, Jacob MacKenzie took Castle Leoch by force while the previous laird, Donald MacKenzie, was away from home. Donald later died under mysterious circumstances before he had a chance to defend his property. Jacob married Donald's widow, Anne Grant, daughter of Malcolm Grant of Glenmoriston, and had six children by her.

Upon Jacob's death, there was some question of who would lead the clan. Jacob's eldest son, Colum MacKenzie, was weakened by a debilitating illness, but his younger brother, Dougal MacKenzie, did not seem to have the judgment yet for leading the clan. Eventually, the brothers stuck together, and Colum became laird of the clan, while Dougal would lead the MacKenzies in battle.

During the Jacobite Rising of 1745, Colum wavered on supporting the Stuarts, seeking council with his nephew, Jamie Fraser. Before he could act on his decision, however, Colum succumbed to his disease, leaving leadership in the hands of his Jacobite brother, Dougal, as Colum's son, Hamish MacKenzie, was yet too young. Dougal threw the support of the clan behind Charles Stuart's army, ultimately leading to the clan's destruction. Though Dougal himself died on the eve of the Battle of Culloden, the men of the clan fought and died there, and in the aftermath the castle was destroyed and the clan dispersed. Hamish MacKenzie emigrated to Nova Scotia with others from the clan.

Family TreeEdit

This is the MacKenzie family tree according to the Outlander Series.[1]


  • Hamish was the biological son of Dougal MacKenzie, though only a few people ever knew this. When it became clear that Colum could not father children, the brothers arranged it so that Dougal would get Letitia with child, and that child would be acknowledged as the son and heir of Colum MacKenzie, and future Laird of the clan.

Jacob MacKenzie
Anne Grant
Ellen MacKenzie
Brian Fraser
Colum MacKenzie
Letitia Chisholm
Hamish MacKenzie
Dougal MacKenzie
Maura Grant
Tabitha "Tibby"
Geillis Duncan
William Buccleigh MacKenzie
Morag Gunn
Janet MacKenzie
Ambrose MacKenzie[2]
Flora MacKenzie
Jocasta MacKenzie
John Cameron
Hugh Cameron
Hector Cameron
Duncan Innes

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  1. Adapted from The Outlandish Companion by Diana Gabaldon. This volume contains much more background information about the family trees.
  2. Elsewhere given as Alexander Hay of Crimond (Outlander, The Outlandish Companion).