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Kenny Lindsay is a former inmate of Ardsmuir Prison, and one of the first settlers on Fraser's Ridge.

Personal History

Born to Alexander Lindsay of the Glen, Kenny is one of three brothers who were all imprisoned after the disastrous Battle of Culloden.

Events of the Novels

Drums of Autumn

Kenny samples Jamie's batch of whisky, and pronounces that it will "strip your tripes."[2]

The Fiery Cross

Kenny makes camp with Jamie's militia as they travel toward Brownsville. When two twin boys appear in the night, Kenny sees them, but promises Jamie he won't speak of their presence to anyone.

At Hogmanay, Kenny plays the bodhran to accompany his brothers on fiddle and flute. Later, he and Murdo implore Jamie to perform the Highland sword dance.

In May 1771, Kenny camps with the militia at Alamance. Later in the year, Kenny tells Roger about Thomas Christie and how Jamie started a Masonic lodge in Ardsmuir Prison to calm the conflict between the Catholic and Protestant inmates.

In summer of 1772, Kenny's wife Rosamund dies from a severe allergic reaction to Claire's penicillin treatment, applied after amputation of Rosamund's thumb as the result of an axe wound. Not so much grief-stricken as shocked, Kenny goes with Jamie for application of medicinal whisky, and asks Roger to sing the caithris at her funeral.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

After having seen flames from a burning cabin, Kenny pulled a family out from the fire but they were all already dead. He fetches Jamie, and they along with several others arrive at the destroyed cabin to investigate.


Physical Appearance

Described, along with his two brothers, as being homely as a toad. [1]


  • Kenneth is the Anglicized form of both Coinneach (from Gaelic caoin "handsome") and Cináed (means "born of fire" in Gaelic).[3][4][5]
  • Lindsay is a Scottish habitational name from Lindsey in Lincolnshire, England.[6]


  • The surname Lindsay has upwards of 100 documented variant spellings.[7]


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