Julia Beauchamp, née Moriston, was married to Henry Beauchamp, and together they had one daughter, Claire.

Personal History

Julia and her husband died in a car crash, leaving five-year-old Claire to be raised by Henry's brother, Quentin "Uncle Lamb" Beauchamp.

Events of the Novels

Julia has not appeared "in person" in any of the Outlander series novels; however, Claire occasionally thinks about her parents, or recalls some memory about them.


Claire thinks about her strange upbringing, traveling the world with her archaeologist uncle, and recalls that Uncle Lamb was her only living relative when her parents died.

The Fiery Cross

Claire recalls that her mother had been thirty-two years old when she died.[1]


Claire does not remember much about her parents, so their personalities are essentially unknown.

Physical Appearance

Uncle Lamb told Claire that her mother had the same eyes as her – a light, golden brown. From one of the few photographs kept of Julia, Claire sees "warm eyes and a delicate mouth".[2]


  • Julia is the feminine form of Julius, which came from a Roman family name possibly derived from Greek ιουλος (ioulos) "downy-bearded".[3][4]
  • Moriston has roots in the Viking settlers of ancient Scotland. The name was derived from the name Maurice, from the Latin personal name Mauritius, which means "dark". The surname Moriston was first found on the Isle of Lewis.[5]
  • Beauchamp (English (or Norman origin) and French) is a habitational name from any of several places in France, for example in Manche and Somme, that are named with Old French beu, bel 'fair', 'lovely' + champ(s) 'field', 'plain'. In English the surname is generally pronounced "Beecham".[6]



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