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Journeycake is the eleventh episode of Season Five and sixty-sixth episode overall of the Outlander television series.


A revelation about Jemmy forces Roger and Brianna to choose between staying in the eighteenth century and returning to the safety of the future. Jamie finds that unrest in the backcountry has given rise to a new power – an organization led by the unpredictable Brown brothers. Claire finds that her attempts to make this time safer for her family have dire, unintended consequences.



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  • The scene with Jemmy and the exploding opal was adapted from Chapter 109 of The Fiery Cross, "The Voice of Time".
  • The storyline about the MacKenzies leaving to return to the 20th century did not occur in The Fiery Cross.
  • The storyline about Claire publishing medical advice under the "Dr. Rawlings" pseudonym did not occur in the book series.
  • The scene with Claire's kidnapping was adapted from Chapter 27 of A Breath of Snow and Ashes, "The Malting-Floor". However, Lionel Brown was not the instigator behind this series of events; in fact, he opposed taking Claire, knowing that the consequences for doing so was a death sentence for the entire group. Rather, it was Arvin Hodgepile who led a gang of men in pillaging the backcountry and burning settlers out of their homes, and who decided to take Claire in order to lead their group to Jamie's secret whisky cache.






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