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Je Suis Prest is the ninth episode of Season Two and twenty-fifth episode overall of the Outlander television series.


Claire and Jamie reunite with the Lallybroch and MacKenzie men as they train for war. Jamie's power struggles with Dougal and Claire's personal battle with her memories of WWII weigh upon them, but new, helpful information comes to light when a young Englishman named William Grey pays a surprise visit to their camp.


Despite Claire's prediction Jamie brings his rag-tag army, many deserting on the way, to train them for battle. His uncle Dougal arrives with a handful of his own men wanting to part of the fighting. After butting heads with Jamie, Dougal reiterates to Claire his offer of marriage if Jamie is killed. Jamie is a firm commander, punishing neglect of duty but Claire, with memories of World War II, is not happy to see another conflict. Then, after capturing a teen-aged English soldier, Jamie has enough information to lead a raid on the enemy camp before preparing to meet up with Charles Stuart's troops.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Romann Berrux as Fergus
  • Scott Kyle as Ross
  • Gregor Firth as Kincaid
  • Oscar Kennedy as William Grey
  • Tyler Collins as Private Lucas
  • Billy Griffin Jr. as Corporal Grant
  • Paddy Wallace as Scruffy G.I.

Production Notes


  • The episode title comes from the motto of the Frasers of Lovat, meaning "I am ready". To this day, the clan retains the ancient French spelling.
  • The scene with (John) William Grey occurred in chapter 36 of Dragonfly in Amber, "Prestonpans".
  • The scenes at the Fraser camp were filmed on a working farm in Crieff, Scotland.
  • The Fraser Flag, created by the Art Department, is the national flag of Scotland — St. Andrew's Cross or The Saltire — but embellished with the Fraser clan motto, "Je Suis Prest" or "I am ready." It can be seen flying above the Fraser camp.[1]
  • The game the men are playing is called Shinty. It originated in The Scottish Highlands before the Roman era and is still played today.[2]



Last.fm_play.png "Je Suis Prest" – Bear McCreary
Last.fm_play.png "125 Yards" – Bear McCreary
Last.fm_play.png "Moch Sa Mhadainn (feat. Griogair Labhruidh)" – Bear McCreary




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