The Jacobite Rising of 1745 was the attempt by Charles Edward Stuart to regain the British throne for the exiled House of Stuart.

Outlander series

In the spring of 1744, Jamie and Claire Fraser inveigle themselves into French society in order to influence and ideally prevent the Jacobite Rising. Jamie befriends Charles Stuart in Paris and uses his position as a wine merchant for his uncle's company to gain access to powerful members of the aristocracy. With Claire's limited knowledge of what the future holds for the Highlanders, together they work to prevent Charles from securing the funds he would need to start his rebellion.

Ultimately they fail in their endeavor; after Jamie is deported from France and pardoned in Britain, he and Claire return to Lallybroch in Scotland and have a year of relative peace before Charles Stuart forces Jamie's hand with regard to the fledgling rebellion. In summer of 1745, Jamie raises about thirty men to join Charles Stuart near Edinburgh.

Battle of Prestonpans

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Following the advice of a lieutenant, who was the son of a local farmer, the Jacobite army effect a surprise attack on the government troops in the early hours of September 21, 1745. Jamie leads the Highland charge, and after the battle he recounts the experience to Claire at the field hospital.

Battle of Falkirk Muir

A few days before the actual battle, Claire and Jamie find themselves sequestered in a church on Falkirk Hill with several of the MacKenzie clan following a skirmish with English troops. Rupert MacKenzie is injured and dies inside the church. Ultimately, Claire pretends to be a hostage so that the Highlanders can bargain her release in exchange for their own escape.

Battle of Culloden

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On the eve of battle, Jamie brings Claire to the standing stone circle at Craigh na Dun to send her back to the future. Of the battle itself, Jamie remembers very little, though bits and pieces come back to him throughout the rest of his life.