The house in Rue Tremoulins is a large townhouse owned by Jared Fraser.


Jared Fraser has owned the home since at least 1744, probably for much longer. In 1745, Jamie and Claire lived in the house while he was away on business. Michael Murray moved into the house around 1767.[1] Michael Murray's wife Lilliane also lived in the house until her death in 1778.


Jared's house in Rue Tremoulins is a large townhouse in a fashionable part of Paris, likely the Marais. It has a lead slate roof and green-coopered seams.[2]

Like most grand Paris townhouses of the time, it is built around a central courtyard and nearly edge-to-edge with its neighbors.[3]

The house is entered via a set of marble front steps.[4] The house contains a foyer with stairs leading to the upper floors. From the top of the stairs, one can see the hall below.The drawing room and dining room are located directly off the foyer, and are the rooms most used by Jamie and Claire to entertain.[5][6] It's possible that Claire's sitting room and Jamie's study are also located on the ground floor.

Claire and Jamie's bedroom is on the second floor of the house, and looks out over a back courtyard. The house also contains a back stairs that lead to the basement kitchens, a wine cellar, and likely additional servants' rooms.[7]

When Jared is the house's only occupant, the house is elegant but slightly more spartan than its neighbors. In 1744, the house had wood-paneled walls.[8] It is unknown whether the interiors have changed by the time Michael Murray and Lilliane Murray take up residence in the house in the early 1770s.


Circa 1745, the house had sixteen servants:

  • Magnus the butler
  • Madame Vionnet the head cook
  • a groom
  • a stable lad
  • a knife-boy
  • several footmen, including François[9]
  • Ferdinand the coachman[10].
  • several housemaids
  • several kitchenmaids.[11]

By 1778, the servants include Madame Hortense, a cook and a footman called Paul.


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