The Grey Family is the main family of the Lord John Series, and a minor one in the Outlander Series.

Grey Family Tree

The following trees illustrates the relationships generated by Benedicta Armstrong's three marriages.

Benedicta Armstrong
Maude DeVane
Edgar DeVane
Paul DeVane
Gerard Grey
Minerva Wattiswade
Harold Grey
John Grey
Isobel Dunsany
Olivia Pearsall
William Ransom
Sir George Stanley
Mrs. Wainwright †
Percy Wainwright


Benedicta Armstrong

  • Benedicta Armstrong married Captain DeVane at age fifteen and had two sons by him. She was widowed at age twenty.[1]
  • At 21, Benedicta met and married Gerard Grey, Duke of Pardloe, Earl of Melton.[1]
  • Gerard Grey was murdered in 1741, though at the time it appeared to be a suicide, and his eldest son, Hal, repudiated the ducal title and instead insisted on being known by his lesser title, Earl of Melton. However, his youngest son, John, continued to use the term of address appropriate to the younger son of a duke—that is, Lord John Grey. (If John had followed Hal's lead, he would be called the Honourable John Grey, as the younger son of an earl.)
  • Benedicta remained a widow until her marriage to Sir George Stanley in 1758.
  • Sir George Stanley is himself a widower twice over: he has a stepson, Percy Wainwright, by his second wife.
    • Percy Wainwright's true given name is Perseverance, but since his mother's death he has given his full name as Percival Wainwright.

Harold Grey

  • Hal's first wife was Esmé Dufresne; she was French. Hal discovered that she had betrayed him with another man, Nathaniel Twelvetrees, whom Hal killed in a duel. Esmé died in childbirth, as did the child.[1]
  • Benjamin Grey allegedly married a woman named Amaranthus Cowden, and they had a son.
  • Dorothea Grey married Denzell Hunter in 1778.
  • Olivia Pearsall is a cousin of Hal and John Grey, and was orphaned at a young age. She grew up as Hal's ward for ten years.

John Grey


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