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This page may contain MAJOR SPOILERS about Germain Fraser from the latest book in the Outlander series, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Read at your own peril!


Germain Fraser is the eldest child of Fergus and Marsali Fraser, and the eldest grandchild of Jamie and Claire Fraser.

Personal History

Germain was born in Jamaica to Fergus and Marsali Fraser, who had made a transatlantic journey from Scotland to the West Indies in order to elope. They married on a beach on Hispaniola, and Marsali stayed on Jamaica – probably at Jamie's cousin Jared Fraser's plantation house – during her pregnancy, to await Fergus's return. In July 1767, Fergus leaves North Carolina to go back to Marsali intending to return with his wife and child the following spring.

Events of the Novels

Drums of Autumn

In summer 1768, Germain arrives with his parents Fergus and Marsali Fraser at Fraser's Ridge.

The Fiery Cross

Germain is baptized during the Gathering at Mount Helicon in late October 1770.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

In 1774, Germain moves with his parents and siblings from Fraser's Ridge to New Bern.

An Echo in the Bone

In 1777, Germain moves with his parents and siblings to Philadelphia.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

In 1778, Germain takes it upon himself to join his father Fergus and grandfather Jamie at the Continental army camp prior to the Battle of Monmouth.


Germain is charming and quick-minded.

Physical Appearance

He is blond and slender, like his mother.


His mother is Marsali Fraser, and his father is Fergus Fraser. His cousin[5] is Jeremiah "Jemmy" MacKenzie.


  • Germain is a French form of Germanus, which was an ancient Roman cognomen that meant "brother" in Latin.[6][7]
  • Alexander is the Latinized form of the Greek name Αλεξανδρος (Alexandros), which meant "defending men" from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, help" and ανηρ (aner) "man" (genitive ανδρος).[8]
  • Claudel is a variation of the French name Claude, which comes from the Roman family name possibly derived from Latin claudus meaning "lame, crippled".[9][10] Claudel is also a French surname.[11]
  • MacKenzie is the anglicized form of MacCoinnich, a Gaelic patronymic name meaning "son of Coinneach". The personal name Coinneach means "handsome" or "comely".[12][13]
  • Fraser may be derived from Fredarius, Fresel or Freseau. The earliest recorded versions of the name, from the 12th century, are de Fresel, de Friselle and de Freseliere, which appear to be Norman.[14] Another suggestion is that the Frasers were a tribe in Roman Gaul, whose badge was a strawberry plant.[15]


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  1. Drums of Autumn. In July 1767, Fergus leaves for Jamaica to rejoin Marsali, who has stayed on the island during her pregnancy. Fergus and Marsali were most likely married sometime in March (based on Claire's having been taken aboard the Porpoise on February 3 and being detained there for weeks, purchasing a slave around April 2, and the wedding occurring sometime between - see Voyager timeline). If Germain was conceived soon after they married, and if he was full-term when he was born, his birthday is sometime in December 1767 or early January 1768.
  2. Age as of the end of Written in My Own Heart's Blood.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Although they are not related by blood, Germain's relationship with Jamie and Claire has been that of a typical grandson for his entire life. Qualifiers having to do with adoption or stepfamily are sometimes used in reference to Fergus and Marsali's relationships to Jamie and Claire, but never Germain's relationship to them.
  4. Non-biological. Jenny was a foster mother to Fergus, and considers her relationship with Germain to be that of grandmother/grandson.
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