The Gathering at Mount Helicon is an annual gathering of Scottish Highlanders in the colony of North Carolina.


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Outlander series

Drums of Autumn

In 1767, when Duncan asks Jamie whether the Frasers will attend the Gathering at Mount Helicon, Jamie bids Duncan tell his aunt Jocasta that they will not attend this year, nor probably the next, but perhaps the year after that. In the fullness of time, the Frasers attend their first—and to date, only—Gathering in the autumn of 1770.

The Fiery Cross

Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger attend the Gathering with their new son and grandson, Jemmy. Also in attendance are various families from Fraser's Ridge, including Fergus, Marsali, and their children; the brothers Kenny, Murdo, and Evan Lindsay; and Lizzie Wemyss, who is newly reunited with her father, Joseph.

Jamie also welcomes newcomers to the Ridge, who will return with the Frasers after the Gathering: Arch Bug and his wife, Murdina, who will serve as factor and housekeeper; the Chisholms and McGillivrays, who will each bring large families; and Josiah Beardsley, a skilled young hunter.[1]


  • Mount Helicon is the name of a mountain in Greece. In Greek mythology, it was the location of two sacred springs.


  1. Months later, Jamie discovers that Josiah has a deaf twin brother, Keziah, who eventually comes to live on the Ridge with Josiah.