Two years or fifty, a Fraser was a Fraser, and no rock was more stubborn.

The Frasers of Lovat were and are a real clan in the Scottish Highlands. The main focus in the Outlander series is a fictional branch of that family, grafted onto the real Frasers by way of Brian Fraser, a fictional bastard of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat.

Frasers of Lovat Family Tree

This is the Fraser family tree according to the Outlander Series.


Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat
Davina Porter[1]
Kate McBryan
Ellen MacKenzie
Brian Fraser
Alexander Fraser
William Fraser
Ian Murray
Janet Fraser
Robert Fraser
Geneva Dunsany
James Fraser
Claire Beauchamp
William Ransom
Faith Fraser
Brianna Fraser
Roger MacKenzie
Marsali MacKimmie
Fergus Fraser

Jamie Fraser's Family Tree

This family tree highlights Jamie's relationships to his children, both biological and adopted, and their mothers.


  • Jamie was married to Claire Fraser and Laoghaire MacKenzie, but not Geneva Dunsany.
    • Jamie's marriage to Laoghaire was conducted under the assumption that he would never see Claire again. Upon Claire's return, his marriage to Laoghaire is declared invalid.
    • Marsali and Joan are Laoghaire's daughters from a previous marriage.
    • Even after his marriage to Laoghaire is over, Jamie considers Marsali and Joan his step-daughters and provides a dowry for each of them.
    • Jamie had a one-night stand with Geneva Dunsany after she blackmailed him into bedding her, just days before her wedding to a much older man.
  • Fergus, formerly known as Claudel, was a French child pickpocket when Jamie found him and informally adopted him. Jamie considered him a son before Fergus's marriage to Marsali, hence why they take the family name Fraser, though none of their children are directly related to the Frasers of Lovat.
  • In summary:
    • Jamie's biological children are Faith, Brianna, and William.
    • Jamie's adopted children/step-children are Fergus, Marsali, and Joan.

Claire Fraser
Brianna Ellen
Roger MacKenzie
Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie
Amanda Claire Hope MacKenzie
Jamie Fraser
Geneva Dunsany
William Ransom
Laoghaire MacKenzie
Fergus Fraser
Marsali MacKimmie
Joan MacKimmie
Germain Alexander Claudel MacKenzie Fraser
Joan Laoghaire Claire Fraser
Félicité Fraser
Henri-Christian Fraser


  • "Strawberry" in French is fraise (feminine), and its pronunciation is close to that of Fraser. The strawberry plant, used in the coat of arms of the Fraser Clan of the Scottish Lowlands as well as in the Frasers of Lovat in the Highlands, is called a fraisier.
  • The Fraser motto, "Je suis prest" uses an ancient spelling. In today's French spelling, the "s" has disappeared and an circumflex is on top of the "e" ("je suis prêt")

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  1. Name provided in The Outlandish Companion and the family tree included with Written in My Own Heart's Blood. Confirmed by Diana Gabaldon in this post that the minor character was named in honor of the narrator of the unabridged audiobook versions of the Outlander Series.

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