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Fraser's Ridge is a tract of land in western North Carolina, which covers about ten thousand acres. Its proprietor, Jamie Fraser, lives there with his extended family, and by 1779 there are over 60 tenant families living on the land.


When Jamie and Claire arrive in Wilmington, they discreetly set about finding a buyer for one of their gemstones, in order to turn its value into cash that they can use. While in town, Jamie encounters a cousin-by-marriage, Edwin Murray, who happens to be the secretary of Governor William Tryon's wife, and Jamie manages to secure an invitation for Claire and himself to dine with the governor. The true goal of the night is to persuade a wealthy German guest at the dinner to purchase the gemstone, but after the rest of the guests have left the party, the governor has a private conversation with Jamie (on which Claire eavesdrops) about another matter: an offer of a land grant in the North Carolina wilderness where, under Jamie's sponsorship, tenant families would be induced to settle and work the land.

It's an offer not without its drawbacks. As Jamie explains to Claire later, the reason the governor might make such an offer to Jamie so soon after meeting him, might include the fact that Jamie is a soldier by nature and experience, and having someone like Jamie with a certain amount of control over remote areas of the colony, where unrest has already bubbled up in the past, would be very beneficial to the governor. Jamie also notes that, even though the governor waved off the fact that Jamie is Catholic and the law allows only Protestant men to hold such land grants, this would be a sort of leverage the governor holds over Jamie – as long as Jamie complies with what the governor wants of him, there's no problem, but if Jamie doesn't, the governor could easily use it against him.

In late summer of 1767, Jamie and Claire travel through the wilderness for a suitable place to settle, if they were to accept Tryon's offer. By September, they begin building shelter in the form of a one-room cabin, in which Jamie, Claire and Young Ian will live through the winter. They also construct two sheds, one for storing and curing meat, and another for Claire's herbs and other foraged goods.

By late 1770, the Ridge had more than thirty families inhabiting the land under Jamie's sponsorship.

The Cabin

Jamie starts building a one-room cabin that will shelter him, Claire and Young Ian in September 1767. The cabin's hearth is blessed upon arrival of John Quincy Myers and Duncan Innes, and the cabin is finished later that month.[2]

In early September 1769, when Brianna surprises both of her parents with her arrival, Jamie sets to work building an additional room onto the original cabin while the construction of the new, much larger house on a hill nearby is yet to be finished.

The Big House

Jamie starts to build the Big House in the summer of 1769. In early September, he goes to Cross Creek to buy glass windows for the house as a surprise for Claire. The foundation for the house is laid and the rooms are marked out.[3]

Construction of the house is delayed by several months following the tumult of rescuing Roger from the Iroquois. Upon their return in early summer of 1770, Jamie continues work on the house, his progress spurred on by the cramped, tense conditions in the small cabin. By autumn it is complete, a two-story "modest frame house, white-washed and shingle-roofed" with glass windows.

On December 21, 1776, the house is burglarized by Wendigo Donner and a group of his accomplices. They break one of the containers with Claire's highly flammable ether. When Young Ian lights a match, the house goes up in flames and burns down overnight.

Whisky Clearing

The malting floor, where the Frasers ferment the grain for whisky-making, is located about two miles from the original cabin[4] "in a small clearing at the foot of a hollow," while the still is located up the mountain in its own clearing "near a small spring that provided fresh, clear water."[5] Jamie distilled the Ridge's first batch of whisky in the autumn of 1768,[6] and by 1770 he was selling it at the Gathering at Mount Helicon.[7] As of 1771, there were fourteen small kegs set aside for aging in the cache.[8]

The whisky cache, where the finished casks are stored and well-hidden, is located in a cave about a half-mile roughly northwest of the whisky clearing.[9]

In October 1773, the malting shed was burned down by a roving gang of men, who assaulted Marsali and violently abducted Claire. The attack also resulted in a loss of a season's worth of whisky, the Frasers' most valuable trading commodity. By March 1774, the new malting shed was being rebuilt,[10] and the Frasers were making whisky again by the following autumn.[11]

Current Residents



Ardsmuir Men and their Families

Fisher-Folk from Thurso

On arrival in 1773, the emigrants from Thurso numbered twenty-two families, with seventy-six individuals.

  • Hiram and Mairi Crombie
  • Grannie Wilson
  • Buchanans
  • Orem McCallum and Amy McCallum Higgins[16]
  • Padraic MacNeill and Hortense MacNeill
    • Angelica
    • elder daughter
  • Abernathys
    • Old Grannie Abernathy
    • Young Grannie Abernathy
    • Arabella Abernathy ("Grannie Belly")
    • Hugh Abernathy
    • Jocky Abernathy
  • Maisie MacArdle and former boatbuilder husband[17]
    • Six children
  • Seumas Buchan[18][17]

Other Residents

  • Billy and Ruth Aberfeldy
    • Ruth Aberfeldy
  • Peter Bewlie and his Indian wife
  • Mrs. Coinneach[19]
  • Theo Frye[20]
  • Obadiah, Anne, and Kate Henderson
  • Bobby Higgins (since 1776)[16]
  • Isaiah Lachlan[19]
    • Jacky Lachlan
  • Gordon Lindsay[21]
  • Mr. and Mrs. McAfee[19]
    • Rab McAfee
    • John McAfee[22]
    • Twin daughter and son[23]
  • Matthew MacDonald and Mrs. MacDonald[24][25]
  • Widow MacDowall[24]
  • Mr. and Mrs. MacDuff[23]
  • Nelson McIver[26]
  • The McLachlans[23]
  • Joey McLaughlin[27]
  • Patrick Neary[26]
    • Sons
  • Older Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie [19][23]
  • Younger Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie[28]
    • Rogerina (born 1774)
  • Bob O'Neill[29]

Former Residents


Present-day Boone, North Carolina

Diana Gabaldon has said that Fraser's Ridge probably lies within ten miles of Blowing Rock, North Carolina or Boone, North Carolina.[30] It covers land north of the Yadkin River.

Surrounding Towns


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