France is a country whose metropolitan area extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. It serves as the setting at various points throughout the Outlander series.


Events of the Novels


After rescuing Jamie from Wentworth Prison, Claire and Murtagh escape with Jamie to the Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré on the northern coast of France, where Jamie's uncle is abbot.

Dragonfly in Amber

Having made the decision to try to thwart Charles Stuart's attempts to raise support for restoring the Stuarts to power, Jamie and Claire live in Paris in Jamie's cousin Jared Fraser's townhouse. Jamie runs Jared's wine business by day, and takes advantage of the contacts he makes there in order to gain information about the various players in the looming rebellion. Meanwhile, Claire befriends the local apothecary, a nun who runs a charity hospital, and Charles Stuart's lover, Louise.

After the loss of their child, and having secured pardons for Jamie from both France and England, the Frasers return to Scotland to live at Lallybroch with Jenny and Ian.


Seeking information about the pirate ship that kidnapped Young Ian, Claire and Jamie visit Jared.[1] While in Paris, they each separately visit their daughter's grave.[2]

"The Space Between"

Joan MacKimmie travels with Michael Murray to Paris, where she intends to enter a convent as a novitiate, and he struggles with grief for his recently deceased wife. Meanwhile, the Comte St. Germain returns to Paris in search of the Frog, and the means to immortality.

An Echo in the Bone

After Ian's passing, Jamie takes Jenny with him to Paris, where he makes contact with some influential figures in French politics.[3] He and Jenny miss their ship to America in Brest,[4] which later proves to be a fortuitous setback, as the Euterpe ends up sinking, with all hands lost.[5]




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