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Fiona Graham Buchan is the granddaughter of Mrs. Graham, from whom she inherited the role of caller for the ritual at the standing stones. After her grandmother died, Fiona also took over as housekeeper at the Reverend Reginald Wakefield's manse. She is married to Ernie Buchan, and has three daughters.

Personal History

Fiona grew up in Inverness, Scotland. Her paternal grandmother, Mrs. Graham, bequeathed to her the role of caller in the druid group which performs a ritual on the sun feasts and fire feasts at the stone circle of Craigh na Dun.

In February 1970, she married Ernie Buchan.

Events of the Novels

Dragonfly in Amber

In 1968, Claire returns to Scotland with Brianna and slips away one day to talk to Fiona about the Druid group she belongs to. Fiona tells Claire that a tall, blonde woman with green eyes called Gillian Edgars has also been asking questions about the group. Fiona says that Gillian has been taking courses at the Institute for the Study of Highland Folklore and Antiquities.


When Fiona overhears Claire, Roger MacKenzie, and Brianna talking about the Dunbonnet she fills them in on the rest of the legend and that information directs them to search the prison rolls.

Drums of Autumn

In December 1969, Brianna visits Roger in Inverness for Christmas. He tells her that Fiona Graham and her fiancé Ernie Buchan are buying the manse because it has the room for kids.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

On October 31, 1980, after being questioned by the police, Brianna arrives at home in the middle of the night, and finds that someone must have set Rob Cameron free and has taken keys to the house and her rifle. She takes the children to Fiona's.

While Jemmy and Mandy are staying at the Buchans', Rob Cameron arrives to ask Fiona questions about Craigh na Dun. Jemmy calls the police, but Cameron escapes after striking Fiona in the face. Ernie doesn't want to put his family in danger and decides to take Jemmy and Mandy back to Brianna.


Fiona is attentive and eager, and comfortable in her domestic sphere.

Physical Appearance

Short, plump and pretty as a small brown hen. Attractive with dark curly hair and wide brown eyes[2] with a round cheerful face whose natural expression is a smile.[3]



  • Fiona is the feminine form of Fionn,[4] from Irish fionn (older Irish finn) meaning "fair" or "white".[5]
  • Graham is derived from the English place name Grantham which probably meant "gravelly homestead" in Old English.[6]
  • Buchan is derived from the district of Buchan, in the north east of Aberdeenshire and Banffshire.[7]


TV Series

Actress Iona Claire portrays Fiona Graham in the STARZ Outlander television adaptation.


Season Two

Season Three

Season Four



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