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Ezekiel Richardson is a captain in the British Army who gives Lieutenant Lord Ellesmere several intelligencing assignments. In 1778, he changes sides and officially becomes Continental Army colonel.

Personal History

Not much is known about Richardson, beyond his involvement with the Greys and the Frasers during the war.

Events of the Novels

An Echo in the Bone

In July 1776, Lord John Grey and his stepson William talk to Captain Richardson, who gives an invitation for William to carry a message overland to Halifax to General Howe, and thence perhaps to join the general's staff.

In August, William's receives a letter from Hal Grey, in which his uncle warns him that he doesn't think working for Richardson is a good idea.

In September, Richardson casually offers William an out from his current situation: to accompany one Captain Randall-Isaacs to Canada, ostensibly as a French interpreter.

In May 1777, Richardson requests that William do him a small favor and deliver a cipher message to a group of Loyalists in Dismal Town, Virginia. William later learns that it was a trap, as Dismal Town is full of rebels.

In April 1778, Richardson tells Lord John that he intends to arrest Claire Fraser for spying. Lord John marries Claire in order to protect her.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

On June 16, 1778, Captain Richardson meets Claire Fraser in General Clinton's headquarters in Philadelphia. He then approaches William Ransom and asks him about Lord John Grey's whereabouts. In late June, Percy Beauchamp warns Lord John that Richardson is an American spy, targeting Grey and his brother Hal. Hal informs Grey that Richardson seems to have deserted from the British army.

On December 22, Richardson—now a Continental Army colonel—and Major General Robert Howe visit Jamie Fraser in Savannah, asking him to go back to active service. Fraser declines, to their outrage.

Several days later, Richardson approaches Claire and admits that he had been spying for the Americans and planned to make Claire his asset—he reveals that he pushed Lord John into marrying her, and as a result, she was uniquely placed to spy on Grey. He also discloses his intentions regarding Hal Grey.


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Physical Appearance

An everyman, he blends in and is unremarkable. Claire recognizes him by a mole on the side of his chin.


  • Ezekiel is from the Hebrew name יְחֶזְקֵאל (Yechezqel) meaning "God strengthens".[1]
  • Richardson means "son of Richard",[2] Richard meaning "brave power", derived from the Germanic elements ric "power, rule" and hard "brave, hardy".[3]