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Ernie Buchan is the husband of Fiona Graham, with whom he has three daughters.

Personal History

Ernie owns his own business, Buchan Electrics.[1]

Events of the Novels

Drums of Autumn

In December 1969, Fiona Graham bids farewell to Roger MacKenzie a couple of days before Christmas while her fiancé Ernie waits in the truck.

Brianna visits Roger in Inverness for Christmas, and he tells her that Fiona and Ernie are buying the manse because it has plenty of room for kids.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood

On October 31, 1980, after being questioned by the police, Brianna arrives at home in the middle of the night, and finds that someone must have set Rob Cameron free and has taken keys to the house and her rifle. She takes the children to Fiona Buchan's.

While Jemmy and Mandy are staying at the Buchans', Rob Cameron arrives to ask Fiona questions about Craigh na Dun. Jemmy calls the police, but Cameron escapes. Ernie Buchan doesn't want to put his family in danger and decides to take Jemmy and Mandy back to Brianna.

Brianna stakes out her own house with a shotgun, as she believes someone is inside. Ernie arrives with the kids, and Brianna rushes to stop them from getting out of Ernie's truck. Two men come out of a house, and another truck with Rob Cameron arrives, and Brianna fights him to get to her children and keep them safe.

Brianna and the kids get away safely with the help from Ernie and Lionel Menzies, Jemmy's school principal.


Ernie cares deeply about the safety of his family.

Physical Appearance

He is not a particularly large man.[2]


  • Ernie is a diminutive of Ernest, which is derived from Germanic eornost meaning "serious".[3][4]
  • Buchan is derived from the district of Buchan, in the north east of Aberdeenshire and Banffshire.[5]


TV Series


Season Four



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