Edenton is a coastal town in North Carolina. It was the first permanent European settlement in North Carolina.


Edenton was first settled in the mid-17th century. Originally named Queen Anne's Creek, it was renamed Edenton in 1722 after North Carolina colonial governor Charles Eden. During the American revolution, it was a hotbed of revolutionary activity, most notably the Edenton Tea Party, a boycott organized in 1774 by local Edenton women. Today, Edenton remains the county seat of Chowan County and is home to 5,000 residents.

Outlander series

Drums of Autumn

Roger disembarks the Gloriana at Edenton, though he immediately makes his way to Wilmington in the hopes of catching up to Brianna.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Roger travels to Edenton to be ordained as a protestant minister.




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