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Down the Rabbit Hole is the seventh episode of Season Four and forty-ninth episode overall of the Outlander television series.


Brianna follows in her mother's footsteps and travels through the stones back in time to 18th-century Scotland where she struggles to make her way to the Colonies to find her parents.


Finding a letter she left for him, Roger follows Bree through the stones himself, determined to find her. On their arrival in the 18th century, each of them has a chance encounter with someone from her parents' past who did them wrong as they arrange separately for passage to the New World.


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Production Notes

  • Notes on Brianna's Time Travelling Ensemble

  • Costume designer Terry Dresbach on Brianna's dress she chose to wear to the 18th century: "In that casual way that teenagers have, she can go, 'Oh, it’ll be fine!' And throw on the Gunne Sax dress and a cape-which, I had that same cape in 1970-and a pair of Frye boots. And she’d look in the mirror, the same way she would if she was heading out to the Renaissance fair, and go 'Eh! That’s fine!'"[1]
  • Nina Ayres, the co-costume designer on Brianna's dress she chose to wear to the 18th century: "She attempts to fashion something that she believes is a period piece of clothing. She believes it's something she could get away with from the 1970s. So it’s not something that she’s made herself, but there are some links to early 1970s fashion to the eighteenth-century in a nonhistorian eye. You might think, Oh, that could pass as a period dress. Yeah, she looks a little odd. But that’s her interpretation of what people are going to be wearing. You’re thinking, OK, I’m a 1970s American person without Google and the resources we have now—how would I think? We’re purposely doing things that we know are completely wrong, because you know they would have thought it was wrong."[2]
  • Notes on Roger's time travelling ensemble

    Co-Costume Designer Nina Ayers on Roger’s time travel outfit: “Roger’s eighteenth century looks consist of his late 1960’s/70’s wardrobe which 'he has done his best' to transform into something which resembles what he believes could pass as eighteenth century. The look was made to fit in with sailors and a general population as opposed to high society. His old check shirt becomes the stock, the bobble is taken off his woolen hat, he finds a ghillie shirt and takes the sleeves off his Scottish jacket worn to the festival to turn it into a waistcoat. His cord suit is variously adjusted and finally his duffel coat undergoes some crude remodeling. We kept seams raw cut and top stitched to indicate the maker doesn’t have vast sewing skills."[3]


  • This was the first episode in which neither Claire (Caitriona Balfe) nor Jamie (Sam Heughan) appeared in the episode.
    • It is the second episode where Jamie (Sam Heughan) doesn't appear; the first was Season One's The Search.






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