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|Spouse= Rachel Craighead <small(m. 1766)</small>
|Spouse= Rachel Craighead <small>(m. 1766)</small>
|Nuclear= *Andrew Caldwell <small(father)</small>
|Nuclear= *Andrew Caldwell <small>(father)</small>
*Martha Caldwell <small(mother)</small>
*Martha Caldwell <small>(mother)</small>

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Reverend David Caldwell is a Presbyterian minister.

Personal HistoryEdit

Reverend David Caldwell studied at the University of Glasgow.[1]

Events of the NovelsEdit

The Fiery CrossEdit

While attending the gathering, he meets with Roger Mackenzie and his Catholic wife Brianna MacKenzie. They are married in a Protestant ceremony.[2]

A year later, Reverend Caldwell has become a prominent Regulator. He is sent by the other Regulators to parlay with Governor Tryon, though he is unsuccessful.[3]

A Breath of Snow and AshesEdit

When Roger decides to become a minister, Reverend Caldwell conducts his formal examination and gives Roger reading materials prior to his ordination.[4] When he runs into Roger months later, he tells Roger that there will be a Presbytery convened in Edenton, giving Roger a chance to be formally ordained.

Caldwell also rants at length about the tyrannical colonial powers. In passionate language, he laments to Roger that most in the colony are too apathetic to care about throwing off "the self-made chains of slavery."[5]


He is a friendly and genial man, though also fiercely aligned with revolutionary causes.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is a round-faced man with cherubic features and bushy eyebrows.[5] He wears spectacles and is "very tidy in his dress."[2]



  • David Caldwell was a real historical figure, known to have been a "preacher, teacher and physician, counsellor and guide for his friends and neighbors, servant of the people in many ways, state builder and protagonist of learning in the wilderness of North Carolina."[6]


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