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Davey Morrison is the Scottish husband of Hilda McGillivray.

Personal History

Davey is a member of the large Morrison family, a Scottish family from Hunter's Point. He is a farmer of some means, as well an athlete skilled at caber-throwing and stone put, traditional Scottish athletic events similar to javelin and shotput respectively. Sometime before October of 1770, he becomes engaged to Hilda McGillivray.

The Fiery Cross

At the Gathering at Mount Helicon in 1770, Davey's fiancée and her sisters subdue the thief-taker Harley Boble when he attempts to arrest Manfred McGillivray, partly because the McGillivrays do not want any of Davey's family to hear about the incident.

Sometime after the Gathering, Davey and Hilda were married near Fraser's Ridge. However, it is unknown whether the pair remained there or moved closer to his family.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Davey was likely present at his sister-in-law Senga's wedding in early 1773.[1] By this point, his wife is pregnant with their first child.

In the fall of that year, Inga and Hilda's "husbands and children" are briefly mentioned, suggesting that Hilda and Davey have at least one child together.[2]