Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser is a nurse, later a doctor, and a time-traveler who has lived both in the 20th century and the 18th century. While on a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband, Frank Randall, Claire accidentally travels two hundred years into the past, where she meets and eventually marries Jamie Fraser. As the primary (and sole first-person) narrator of the Outlander novels, Claire is compassionate but medically ruthless, with a quick tongue that tends to get her into trouble.

Personal History

Claire Beauchamp was born to Julia and Henry Beauchamp on October 20, 1918. She was baptized as a Catholic. Her parents died in a car accident when she was only five, and Claire was adopted by her uncle, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, an archaeologist and historian whose work took him all over the world. He attempted to enroll her at an English boarding school, but she stubbornly refused to attend.

"Faced with the necessity of prying my chubby fingers off the car's door handle and dragging me by the heels up the steps of the school, Uncle Lamb, who hated personal conflict of any kind, had sighed in exasperation, then finally shrugged and tossed his better judgment out the window along with my newly purchased round straw boater."[10]

Claire consequently spent her childhood traveling the world with her uncle while he worked, becoming accustomed to fairly primitive conditions. Over the years, Claire recalls various places she had lived, including South America,[10] Persia[11] and Egypt. She later claims that her first kiss was at the age of eight, in Egypt with the dragoman's nine-year-old son.[12]

Claire met Frank Randall, a historian, when he came to consult her uncle about his work. They were married in 1937,[13][14] and spent a brief two-day honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands.[10] During the early years of their marriage, Claire continued her nomadic life with Frank, who was junior faculty at the time. They lived in a succession of hired flats until the outbreak of World War II in Europe, at which point both Claire and Frank committed themselves to the war effort – Frank as an officer with MI6 and Claire as a combat nurse. They each served for the duration of the war, and thus spent very little time together during those years.

Claire color 3

Claire in her nurse uniform, as depicted by Hoang Nguyen for The Exile.

Claire began her nurses training at Pembroke Hospital, and by 1943 she was a senior nurse, supervising junior nurses and orderlies.[15] She was later stationed at Caen and a field hospital in Amiens, France.[10][16] Claire recalls that the field hospital had been shelled three times while she was there, and her experience of treating the wounded men stays with her, even many years later.[17] She returned to Pembroke Hospital at the end of the war.[18]

Once the war was over, Claire and Frank reunited and decided to go on a second honeymoon in Scotland to reestablish their marriage in 1945.[19] They stayed at Mrs. Baird's bed-and-breakfast in Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands situated near an ancient stone circle called Craigh na Dun.

Events of the Novels

Edit One morning, while collecting plant samples at the stone circle, Claire falls through the cleft in the main stone and is transported back in time to 1743. Upon moving away from the stone circle, Claire immediately runs into a battle between a group of local Highlanders, and British officers led by Jonathan Wolverton Randall. Randall, who demonstrates an amazing physical similarity to his six-times great-grandson Frank, assaults Claire, but she is rescued by Murtagh Fraser, one of the Highlanders, who are cattle-raiding in the area.

Murtagh takes Claire to a cottage wherein she meets Dougal MacKenzie, Rupert MacKenzie, and the other clansmen, who at first (since she is dressed only in a modern cotton dress) take her for a prostitute. Also in the cottage is an injured young man named Jamie, apparently a kinsman of Dougal's. Claire, starting to suspect that she may no longer be in modern Scotland, announces that she is a nurse and sets Jamie's dislocated shoulder and binds his bayonet wound. This demonstration is enough for Dougal to decide to bring her along, although he and the other men are startled at her tendency to use strong language. Claire rides with Jamie, and the two strike up a tentative friendship.

The group takes Claire to Castle Leoch, the seat of Clan MacKenzie, where she is presented to Dougal's brother Colum. It is in Colum's library that Claire finally realizes she is in 1743. Her story of a widowed English lady beset by highwaymen is more or less accepted by Colum, and she is shown to the chambers of the last castle healer, where she promptly sets up a modest nursing practice. Claire continues her friendship with Jamie, who tells her many interesting stories of his past, but never his full name or his family's history. He teasingly begins to call her "Sassenach," the Gaelic translation of "outlander" or "Englishman"; the nickname later becomes a term of great affection. Claire also befriends the procurator fiscal's wife, Geillis Duncan, and meets a young girl named Laoghaire MacKenzie, who falls madly in love with Jamie.

Colum, unsure whether Claire is a French or an English spy, sends her with Dougal and a large group of clansmen (including Rupert, Jamie and the elderly lawyer Ned Gowan) to collect the clan's yearly rents, for her to speak with the commander of Fort William about reconnecting to her (fictional) distant French relatives. During the journey, Claire learns that Dougal is a secret Jacobite, collecting money to raise an army for the exiled Stuarts.

The commander of Fort William is, of course, Captain Jonathan Randall, who thinks Claire is a spy for the MacKenzies and threatens to have her hanged. Unable to think of any other way to protect her from Randall, Dougal retrieves Claire from the English and forces her into marrying Jamie. She learns his full name just before the wedding ceremony, which takes place in the same small church where she and Frank were married almost two hundred years in the future. Claire, stunned by the quick turn of events, finds solace in married intimacy with Jamie, who reveals that he has been in love with her for some time, and was more than happy to marry her.

Jamie reveals much more of his past, including his childhood in Lallybroch and the years before he was sent to France to join the army. He tells Claire the events of his life which involved Jack Randall, including arrest, the rape of his sister, floggings, and homosexual advances. Jamie and Claire grow closer and closer as the group travels around the countryside, and by the time they reach the location where modern-day Inverness would be located, Claire is very much in love with Jamie. Regretting that she will break his heart by running away, she tries to reach Craigh na Dun on her own and return to Frank. She is caught, however, by one of Jonathan Randall's staff, and is brought to the English fort he commands.

Jamie and the other men rescue Claire from the English, committing arson, murder, and assault in the process, and flee back towards Castle Leoch. Claire doesn't at first realize what serious danger she caused, and is furious when Jamie calmly announces he must beat her for disobedience. Afterwards, however, the other men treat her more kindly than before, and she and Jamie make up when he tells her stories of being whipped for disobedience as a boy, although she threatens to cut out his heart if he does it again.

The group returns to the seat of Clan MacKenzie, where Claire encounters the now-jealous Laoghaire. Jamie finally buys Claire a wedding ring, a woven silver band engraved with thistles; she wears it on her right hand, opposite Frank's gold wedding ring. Claire becomes friends once again with Geillis Duncan. One day, they encounter a child abandoned on a hillside. Claire's natural compassion moves her to try to save the child, but Geilie stops her, saying the parents consider it a changeling. She is seen with Geillis and Jamie on the hillside; the child later dies. Geilie's husband mysteriously dies a few days later, and before Jamie leaves on a stag hunt, he warns Claire to stay away from the widow, since she is now rumored to be a witch.

Left alone in Leoch, one day Claire trustingly follows Laoghaire's instructions to visit an apparently ill Geilie. But upon arriving in Cranesmuir, Claire is seized along with the perfectly healthy Geilie and thrown in the thieves' hole to await trial for witchcraft. Geillis tells Claire that she killed her husband when he learned she was pregnant. She also reveals that the child is Dougal's, and that she (Geilie) is also a fervent Jacobite.

When the trial begins, Ned Gowan arrives to defend Claire; his efforts lead the judges to have the women thrown in the lake (to see if they float) rather than burning them outright, but Claire's sharp objections cause them to have her flogged. As she is being whipped, Jamie arrives and dramatically throws a set of jet rosary beads onto her neck, proving that she could not be a witch. Geillis helps to distract the crowd by proclaiming that she, but not Claire, is a witch: as Geilie strips off her gown to reveal her secret pregnancy (saving her from being executed), Claire sees a vaccination scar on the other woman's arm, proving that she, too, is a time-traveller from the twentieth century.

Claire confesses everything to Jamie after they flee Cranesmuir, telling him about her time-travel and why she is not technically a witch. Jamie accepts everything, and takes Claire to Craigh na Dun, urging her to return to the twentieth century. She is torn between going back to Frank, from whom she has been missing for almost six months, and staying with Jamie, whom she has come to passionately love. With a great deal of torment, she eventually chooses to stay with Jamie, and he takes her to Lallybroch.

Upon reaching Lallybroch, Claire meets Jamie's sister, Jenny, who is enormously pregnant and has a small child named Jamie, after his uncle. Jamie, thinking that Jenny was raped by Jack Randall several years before, accuses her of standing as the Captain's "doxy," and a terrible fight ensues. Claire escapes from the room and meets Jenny's husband, Jamie's best friend, Ian Murray: the two immediately like one another, and manage to settle their respective spouses down.

Claire becomes fast friends with Jenny, and happily settles into Lallybroch. But Jamie is taken by the Black Watch when out with Ian: Claire, after giving Jenny advice to "plant potatoes" in preparation for the events after Culloden, teams up with Murtagh to try and find where Jamie was taken. Dougal finds them, and informs them that Jamie is in Wentworth Prison awaiting execution. He also reveals his lust for Claire, and offers to marry her after Jamie is dead. Claire of course rejects this, and along with Rupert and Murtagh concocts a plan to rescue him from the prison.

Claire sneaks into the prison and finds Jamie in a small room, already suffering from torture by Jack Randall. She has almost freed Jamie from the room when Randall himself enters with a servant, and holds Claire at knife point; Jamie promises to resist neither Randall's sexual advances nor his torture, in exchange for Claire's freedom. She is thrown out the back door of the castle, and narrowly escapes being eaten by wolves before being rescued by a local Scot, Sir Marcus MacRannoch.

MacRannoch turns out to have been an erstwhile suitor of Jamie's mother, Ellen MacKenzie, and upon Murtagh's and Rupert's arrival, agrees to help rescue Jamie. The Scots release a large herd of cows into the same door through which Claire exited, and in the ensuing stampede Jamie is found and brought unconscious to MacRannoch's house, having been further raped and tortured by Randall.

Claire manages to doctor Jamie's injuries, the worst of which his badly broken hand. They depart for France; between his injuries, being waylaid on the road, suffering through terrible seasickness on the Channel, Jamie is seriously ill by the time they reach the Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré, where his Fraser uncle, Alexander, grants them sanctuary. During Jamie's illness, Claire befriends the Benedictine monk Father Anselm, who counsels her in the religious aspects of marriage: she also confesses her true past to him.

Jamie suffers terribly from the memories of being raped by Jack Randall; he asks Claire to leave him and return to Scotland, since he can't think of her without remembering Randall. But before he can force her to go, Jamie's hand becomes infected. In the subsequent delerium of fever he asks Claire to let him die, which he later admits was because he thought she would amputate the hand. "Damned if I will," Claire says; using opium and the memories of Jack Randall as shock treatment, she brings him through the fever and into convalescance. The novel ends with Jamie recovering from his illness and planning to take Claire to Paris, and her confession that she is pregnant.

Edit In 1744, Jamie and Claire go to Paris, armed with her knowledge that Charles Stuart will invade Scotland and begin the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion in less than two years; their aim is to prevent him from gathering enough financial support in France to begin the uprising.

Jamie and Claire first travel to Le Havre in February to meet Jamie's cousin, Jared Fraser. Jared asks Jamie to run his business for him for about 6 months while he travels throughout France inspecting wineries and establishing new contacts for his business. In return Jamie will receive a salary and use of Jared's Paris town house and staff. While in Le Havre, Claire publicly diagnoses a case of smallpox in one of the seamen from the Comte St. Germain's ship leading to the loss of his ship, cargo and profits. The Comte warns Claire that she will pay for her actions.

Claire and Jamie move to Paris and start forging the connections they need to move into Bonnie Prince Charlie's inner circle. Claire meets and befriends Louise de La Tour and through her meets Mary Hawkins and realizes that she is supposed to become the wife of Jack Randall.

Claire meets King Louis XV at a ball at the Palace of Versailles. She is groped by the Vicomte de Rambeau whom Jamie dunks in the fountain. This amuses Louis so much he invites Jamie and Claire to stay the night at the Palace. The next day the King's English visitors arrive. Claire mistakes Alexander Randall for Jack Randall. Terrified that Jamie will kill him in front of the King, which would mean instant death, Claire faints.

Claire starts working as a volunteer at L'Hôpital des Anges, through mutual respect she befriends Mother Hildegarde. Here she also meets the bonesetter Monsieur Forez. Claire helps Mother Hildegarde decipher a letter for Charles Stuart saying that there is fifty thousand pounds waiting for him once he sets foot on English soil.

While at Versailles for a function Claire is poisoned with bitter cascara. Claire confronts Master Raymond to find out who he has sold cascara to and finds that the most likely suspect is the Comte St Germain. Raymond tells Claire she may still be in danger and gives her a white crystal which is sensitive to poison.

In May there is an explosion at the Royal Armory resulting in many patients arriving at the L'Hopital. Claire and Mary Hawkins work late tending to the patients. Murtagh and Fergus are waiting to accompany them home and as there are no coaches to be had they decide to take a shortcut through an alleyway. Once past the alley in another street they are attacked without warning by richly-dressed men in masks. Murtagh is hit from behind, knocked out and wrapped in a sailcloth. The man who grabs Claire has a small beauty mark just above the fork of his thumb. He tries to force Claire to her knees and in the struggle Claire's hood falls down and her hair comes loose. When the men see her face they become frightened, call her La Dame Blanche and start to run off. Claire hears a terrible shriek and realizes Mary is being raped. Claire kicks the man raping Mary while his companions also seize him and they all run off. Alexander Randall arrives on the scene, closely followed by Jamie and Fergus.

While Jamie and Claire are hosting an important dinner party that evening which cannot be cancelled without a good explanation and they must keep Mary's rape hidden to save her reputation. They take Mary back to Jared's house, dose her with poppy syrup and put her to sleep in an upstairs bedroom while they attend to their guests. Alex Randall is left to stand guard over Mary. At the dinner party the Comte St Germain reveals that Charles Stuart has secured a loan to enable him to invest in a shipment of high quality port with the Comte. Mary wakes in a drugged stupor and hallucinates that she is being raped. She runs screaming out onto the upper landing with her bruises showing clearly through her torn nighshift and with Alex running after her trying to restrain her. Mary's screams disrupt the dinner party and to them it looks as if Alex is trying to rape Mary. Jamie is forced to punch Alex out to stop the situation turning into a complete melee.

Claire visits Master Raymond to buy herbs to help heal Mary Hawkins and learns that Master Raymond has been embellishing and spreading the story that Claire is La Dame Blanche. Claire visits Mary and tries to comfort her as well as heal her wounds. Mary writes down her testimony relating to the attack and gives it to Claire to deliver to the Bastille.

Claire and Jamie go to visit the Duke of Sandringham, ostensibly to discuss investments, but in reality to try and extract information from him. While Jamie and the Duke are engaged in business Claire slips away to look for Alex Randall but the first person she finds is Mary Hawkins who has slipped out of her uncle's house to come and find Alex. A footman arrives and informs Mary and Claire that Alex Randall has been dismissed from his position with the Duke and is believed to be have taken a ship back to England. Jamie arrives to tell Claire the same thing, having just learned it from the Duke, but Mary refuses to believe it and runs off. Claire takes after her in pursuit and runs slap bang into Jonathan Randall. When Claire demands to know why Randall isn't dead he tells her that it was Marley that died in the stampede. When Jamie appears behind Claire, Randall looks as if he has seen a ghost. Jamie shows no emotion, takes Claire gently by the arm and leads her away. Jamie takes Claire to their waiting carriage and hands her in. Before Claire realizes what is happening Jamie has slammed the door of the carriage on her and ordered the coachman to drive Claire straight home while he disappears.

Claire is terrified about what Jamie is going to do and sends Fergus to find Murtagh. As she calms herself down Claire realizes that Jamie will not kill Randall in cold blood but will challenge him to a duel and will have to follow the procedures for duelling which will take a little time to put in place. Claire goes inside the house and is startled to find Dougal MacKenzie there. Thinking quickly Claire asks Dougal to accompany her to the police station. En route she explains the situation to Dougal and her plan to name Jack Randall as one of the men who attacked her and Mary so that Randall will be arrested and Jamie will be unable to fight him. Dougal tells Claire what he has overheard in taverns about a group calling themselves Les Disciples. This group is made up of young men of family with an interest in unwholesome things. To be initiated into Les Disciples a man must take a maidenhead or the nipples of a married woman. The Comte St Germain is rumored to be part of this group. After lodging the complaint with the police Dougal asks Claire if she would like him to speak to Jamie but she refuses adamantly. The reason that Claire doesn't want Jamie to kill Randall is that as long as Randall lives so does Frank. Dougal demands that Claire keeps his visit a secret from Jamie. ​ When Claire gets back to the Rue Tremoulins she finds that Jamie has been and gone. He has cut of some of his hair to ensure it won't get in his eyes during the duel and taken his sword. Jamie returns to the townhouse intending to collect some clothes and move to an inn to prepare for Randall's release. When he finds Claire at home he demands to know why she had Randall arrested. Claire begs Jamie to delay killing Randall for one year to allow Frank's ancestor to be conceived. Jamie is so angry and betrayed by Claire that he demands that she choose between Randall's life and his own. If she wants him to spare Randall for a year then she must kill him now because he cannot live while Randall does. In desperation Claire tells Jamie that as she has saved his life twice, he owes her a life and she is calling in that debt. After much thought Jamie concedes to Claire's demand but smashes a hole in a stained glass window to show his anger and frustration. Jamie refuses to let Claire touch him that night and does not come to bed. In the morning they make their peace.

Jamie, Claire and Fergus accompany the Duke of Sandringham to the Royal stables in Argentan as the Duke wishes Jamie to advise him on the purchase of some broodmares. During the journey to Argentan Jamie reveals to Claire why he agreed to spare Randall's life long enough for Frank to be born. He tells Claire that if anything happens to him he wants Claire to go back to Frank and that is the only reason he is letting Randall live a bit longer. By the time they arrive at Argentan, Claire's back aches miserably and her feet are hot and swollen. The Duke of Sandringham comes and sits with Claire during the picnic lunch and asks her if Jamie still has a price on his head in Scotland. On learning that he does the Duke puts a proposition to Claire. If Jamie severs his ties to Charles Stuart, he will be pardoned and can return home.

Back home in Paris, Claire massages ointment into Jamie's pulled muscle and tells him about the offer from the Duke of Sandringham. Jamie decides he can't take up the offer as he has to try and stop Charles Stuart. When Jamie asks Claire where she got the ointment from she tells him Monsieur Forez gave it to her, she is shocked to learn that Monsieur Forez is a hangman and the ointment is hanged-men's grease. Later that night Claire starts to bleed slightly. She is very worried but knows there is nothing she can do. The bleeding has stopped by the morning but Claire decides it is time she stops working at L'Hopital des Anges.

Monsieur Forez calls on Jamie and Claire with the outward excuse of delivering a herbal package to Claire from Mother Hildegarde. His real purpose is made clear when he gives Jamie and Claire a graphic description of exactly what occurs when a traitor is sentenced to the traitor's death of hanging, drawing and quartering.

Claire has a sleep and is woken by Magnus the butler who informs her that Louise de Rohan and Marie d'Arbanville have called on her. As Claire goes downstairs to greet them she overhears Marie telling Louise that Jamie has just challenged an Englishman to a duel in a brothel. Claire asks Magnus to tell Louise and Marie that she is not well and cannot see them. Claire goes back upstairs and looks for her spirits of ammonia to make sure she won't faint. Inside her medical box she also finds a note from Jamie who had returned while she slept. The note says: "I am sorry. I must!" Claire decides that for Frank's sake she cannot allow Jamie to kill Randall. She deduces that the duel will take place in the Bois de Boulogne and decides to find them there in the morning.

In the early morning Claire takes a coach to the Bois de Boulogne and has the coachman inquire among the residents living near the Bois where the known duelling spots are. Claire is scared, grieving and angry and also has a nagging pain at the base of her spine. A young boy living near the Bois comes with the coach and finds the duelling site. As Claire follows the boy she can hear the clash of swords and knows the duel has begun. When she reaches the clearing where the duel is taking place Claire dares not call out to stop it for fear that the distraction will lead to Jamie being killed. At the moment that Jamie disarms Randall, Claire's placenta ruptures. She sees Jamie slice at Randall with his sword just before she collapses into unconsciousness. Claire is rushed to the L'Hopital des Anges.

Claire gives birth to a stillborn baby daughter. The midwives make her hold the child whom they wrap in a length of white satin. The baby is very small but perfect. Mother Hildegarde baptizes the baby and names her Faith.

After five days at the L'Hopital Claire is still very feverish and very unwell. She has not seen or heard from Jamie since collapsing. Claire is visited by Master Raymond who sneaks back in after initially being thrown out by the nuns. Raymond heals Claire with his hands which emit a soft blue glow. As he moves his hands slowly over Claire's body she can see all her organs and feel the bacteria dying. When Raymond reaches Claire's womb he tells her to call for the red man. When Claire cries out for Jamie the last of the infection is conquered and Raymond vanishes under the bed as the nuns come running to Claire's cry. When the nuns leave Raymond re-emerges. Claire asks him why he is still calling her Madonna when she has lost her child. He tells her that he did not call her Madonna because she was pregnant, but because she has a blue aura around her like the Virgin's cloak, and the same color as his own aura.

Claire spends several more days at the L'Hopital sleeping and in a fug of grief and pain. There has been no word of Jamie. Concerned for her friend, Louise de la Tour turns up to remove Claire from the L'Hopital and take her to Fontainebleu to recover. On the journey to Fontainebleu they pass three dead Huguenots hanging from trees. When they arrive at the house Louise asks Claire if she will make an effort to go to Mass as the servants are superstitious and have heard the rumors about Claire being La Dame Blanche.

After some days at Fontainebleu Claire stirs herself out of her depression for long enough to go and see Fergus. When she suggests he needs a bath Fergus takes off running. Claire follows him but instead of finding Fergus she finds a filthy, starving Huguenot pastor hidden in a barn - the Reverend Walter Laurent. The Reverend Laurent turns out to know Master Raymond, and although he thinks that Raymond is a good man, he warns Claire that Raymond is rumored to engage in occult activities. When the pastor asks Claire where Jamie is, all her anger and bitterness burst forth and she states that she never wants to see Jamie again. Claire feels that Jamie cared more for his honor than for her, their child and Frank, and she cannot forgive Jamie for that.

Jared's butler Magnus arrives at Fontainebleu with the note from Murtagh giving details of the ship being used to transport Charles Stuart's port. Claire learns that the reason the note had not been given to Jamie as planned is because Jamie had been arrested for duelling and was in the Bastille. Louise knew this but did not tell Claire fearing to upset her and because Claire had not asked where Jamie was. In further conversation with Louise, Claire learns that Jamie did not kill Jack Randall and she is so overcome she faints.

Claire leaves Fontainebleu determined to free Jamie from the Bastille so that he can continue his mission to stop Charles Stuart's shipment of port. She seeks advice from Mother Hildegarde and Herr Gerstmann who tell her that women seeking favors from the King are expected to lie with him in return. Claire determines that she has no choice and must go through with her plan however distasteful it may be.

Claire has an audience with Louis and begs him to free Jamie. She learns that he remains imprisoned because the Duke of Sandringham demands it as he wishes to keep Jamie away from Charles Stuart. Claire reveals to Louis that Jamie is not a Jacobite and Louis agrees to release Jamie on the condition that he leaves France. Louis will make sure that the charges against Jamie are dropped so that he can return to Scotland. Once these negotiations are over Louis asks Claire for a small service in return. Thinking that she is going to have to sleep with him, Claire follows Louis through a door but it does not lead to a bedroom.

Louis takes Claire into a darkened round room, lit only by tiny oil-lamps. In the center of the room is a huge round table and the people sitting around it are all hooded. Standing in the room are the Comte St Germain and Master Raymond, both of whom have been accused of sorcery. Louis instructs Claire to listen to their testimony then use her powers as La Dame Blanche which enable her to see the soul of a man, to determine who is telling the truth. Claire decides that the Comte has committed enough evil and needs to be stopped. She declares that he is associated with a group called Les Disciples du Mal. The Comte retaliates by accusing Claire of being the servant of Satan in league with Master Raymond.The Comte produces a snake from his shirt and quotes a passage from the Bible that says that servants of the true God can handle snakes without being harmed. Master Raymond then speaks up and provides the rest of the quote which is that servants of the true God will not die if they drink deadly poison. As Claire, the Comte and Raymond now all stand accused of sorcery, Raymond suggests that they all drink some poison to prove their innocence. He produces a flask of 'Dragon's blood' and pours out three cups. Both he and Claire drink it without effect, but the Comte falls down writhing and then subsides into limpness.

Louis takes Claire back through the door and leads her to the chaise and lifts her skirts. He oils her with rose oil and then penetrates her with a few thrusts before leaving to go to his mistress to finish off.

Claire returns to Fontainebleu and drifts back into listlessness. She is roused out of this state one day when she hears Fergus involved in an altercation with a stable boy. Claire stops their fighting but not before Fergus's breeches are torn down the side exposing a buttock and upon it, the freshly healed mark of a burn left by a ring. Claire recognizes the mark as being the same as the one that Randall branded Jamie with and questions Fergus about it. Fergus explains that it happened three months ago in May, on the day that Jamie visited the brothel and encountered Randall. Fergus was upstairs visiting with the prostitutes and when Randall came looking for a prostitute he chose Fergus. He was rough with Fergus and burnt him with his ring. When Fergus cried out in pain Jamie came running and beat Randall up and challenged him to the duel.

Following Fergus's revelation Claire drifts back into a deep depression which she uses to protect herself from feeling pain. She is walking in the grounds one day when a footman announces that Jamie has arrived. Claire runs from Jamie, not wanting to see him or talk to him for fear that he will crack open her shield of depression and let the pain come flooding in, but she runs into a closed arbor and unable to escape she is forced to face Jamie. Jamie begs Claire to tell him about the baby as he knows nothing and so Claire does. Jamie gathers all his courage and asks Claire to let him comfort her. Claire gathers her own courage to accept his offer and they make their peace.

The next day Claire and Jamie ride into the countryside. Jamie confronts Claire about her sleeping with Louis and lying to him about it. He is hurt more by her lies than the act itself as it means that Claire does not trust him to love her anyway. Claire offers to be beaten for what she has done and Jamie realizes how much her pride is worth to him allowing them both to confront their pain and hurt and heal themselves. Jamie tells Claire that although he didn't kill Randall, he wounded him in such a way that he will never father a child. While Claire contemplates this and the fact that she still has Frank's ring on her finger, Jamie explores the hillside and finds a cave which contains the entwined skeletons of two people who had died there in each others arms.

Claire and Jamie leave France and return to Lallybroch with Fergus in autumn. Claire receives unsigned parcels from Master Raymond containing odd things such as rare herbs, crystals, smooth stones with figures and letters carved into them and bones. Claire resumes her doctoring by looking after the Lallybroch tenants. Claire and Jamie preside over the first potato harvest which is a success and celebrate with a feast for all the tenants in the field.

In 1745, Jamie and Claire settle into life at Lallybroch and welcome a new niece in spring. But their peace is shattered in August with the arrival in the post of a broadsheet stating Charles Stuart's intention to reclaim his throne, which has been signed by the Jacobites who support him, and to which he has added Jamie's name. With his name on the broadsheet Jamie is publicly branded a traitor and thus has no choice but to go and fight for Charles Stuart.

After four days march, Jamie, Claire, Fergus and the 30 Lallybroch men arrive in Calder on the 17th September. Claire and Jamie move towards their tent and Jamie is attacked from behind by sixteen year old William Grey who recognizes Jamie as an outlaw and thinks that he has abducted Claire. Jamie wrestles John into submission and proceeds to question him. John refuses to give away any information even when threatened with a heated knife. Jamie rips Claire's bodice so that her breasts are bared and tells John that if he doesn't speak up, Claire will be raped. John agrees on the condition that Claire is released.

Once Jamie has the information from John he says he must kill him as he is a spy. Claire pleads with Jamie not to kill John and Jamie orders two of his men to take John in the direction he has said his camp lies. If he's telling the truth they are to tie him to a tree where he will be found in the morning, if he is lying they are to kill him. Before John leaves Claire tends to his arm. She then walks up to Jamie and slaps him hard across the face.

Jamie explains to Claire why he tore her dress and although she says she will never understand men, she accepts his reasoning and they make up.

Claire, Jamie and the Lallybroch men meet up with the Highland Army at Tranent. While Jamie goes off with the commander, Lord George Murray, Claire decides to set up medical facilities. Claire thinks that no-one will listen to her suggestions because of the fact that she is English, so she sends a note to Jenny Cameron asking her to come and help and Jenny obliges.

Claire is kept busy dealing with the wounded after the Battle of Prestonpans ends. She is relieved when Jamie returns safely but has no time to spend with him. Late in the day when the flow of wounded has subsided, Claire discovers that Jamie was trampled by a horse during the battle and that he has a sabre slash across the ribs.

In October, after Prestonpans, the Highland army returns to Edinburgh. Claire spends her time rebuilding her stocks of medical supplies. One day she is summoned by Charles Stuart who tells her that a clan chieftain has arrived and is considering giving his support to the Stuart cause, but he won't make a decision without speaking to Claire first. Claire is bewildered and then shocked when she discovers the chieftain is Colum MacKenzie.

Colum apologizes to Claire for the fact that she got caught up in his witch trial trap against Geillis and offers to punish Laoghaire for sending her there if she desires. Claire considers her feelings towards Laoghaire but decides not to take revenge as she survived and she has Jamie. Colum then explains to Claire that he is in so much pain that he is drinking a bottle of brandy a day. He asks Claire to give him something that will allow him to end his life quickly and cleanly. Claire gives him cyanide.

The next day Claire runs into Lord Balmerino who shows her some broadsheets portraying Jamie as a depraved and dangerous Highlander and herself as the Stuart Witch.

Colum dies before informing Charles Stuart that he will not back him. Dougal becomes chief and the MacKenzies are committed to the Jacobite cause. Claire and Jamie realize they now have no choice but to try and ensure that Charles Stuart is victorious.

When Jamie is laid up with the flu, Claire is shocked to find Jack Randall at her door. He takes her to the abandoned abbey beside the Palace and makes a proposition - he will pass information to Claire about the English army if she will agree to give medical care to his brother Alex. Randall then torments Claire with details of what passed between him and Jamie, but Claire agrees to his bargain for the sake of the men in the Highland army.

Claire goes to Alex Randall's rooms the next day and finds him very ill and emaciated. She diagnoses him with tuberculosis and congestive heart failure and tells him he likely has less than a year to live. Alex asks Claire not to tell Jack. He then tells Claire that he knows about Jack but it doesn't matter because he is his brother. Claire meets Jack Randall once a week, and sometimes more often to receive his intelligence information. She does not tell Jamie about this.

Jamie is ordered by Charles Stuart to go to Lord Lovat and return to the Jacobite army with the men of Clan Fraser. Claire accompanies Jamie and Murtagh to Beauly.

Jamie and Claire arrive at Castle Beaufort and are met by Lord Lovat himself who wastes no time in insulting them both. After washing up they are shown into the Beaufort Castle library to find more than twenty men seated around the room. Lord Lovat's son, Young Simon, insults Claire by calling her Mistress Honeylips to test her Gaelic and is punched in the jaw by Jamie. Claire leaves the room and spends time with Lord Lovat's daughters, Frances and Aline. She sees Lord Lovat throw Maisri the seer into the hallway.

After two weeks Lord Lovat summons Jamie and Claire. He asks Jamie to swear an oath of loyalty to him. When Jamie refuses, Lord Lovat threatens harm to Claire if he doesn't. Jamie tells Lord Lovat that no man would dare harm Claire because she is a white lady like Dame Aliset. Lord Lovat is shocked into silence and Jamie throws his false teeth on the fire.

A couple of days later Claire is walking in Beauly Priory and meets Maisri the Seer. Claire and Maisri have a deep discussion about the curse of prophecy, and Maisri reveals to Claire that she has foreseen Lord Lovat's death at the hands of the axeman.

Claire diagnoses Lord Lovat as suffering from prostatitis and Lord Lovat uses this as a reason for not going to Charles Stuart himself.

Claire and Jamie leave Beauly in mid-December to rejoin Charles Stuart's army in Edinburgh. They are accompanied by Young Simon and the Fraser men but intend to part company with them at Comar with Jamie telling Young Simon that he is taking Claire back to Lallybroch before rejoining the army, but he has no intention of going back to join Charles Stuart.

Jamie and Claire arrive in Lallybroch a week later only to find that none of Jamie's men have arrived back. Murtagh arrives to report that Jamie's men were all caught deserting and are locked up in the Tolbooth under sentence of death. Jamie and Claire return immediately to Edinburgh.

While Jamie, Dougal and Young Simon ride to Stirling Castle to plead with Charles Stuart to release the Lallybroch men, Claire stays in Edinburgh and visits them daily with Fergus. Claire goes to a pawnbrokers to pawn her pearl necklace so that she can buy some blankets for the Lallybroch men in prison. While in the pawnbroker's shop, Mary Hawkins walks in the door. Mary asks Claire to visit Alex and Claire finds his condition has deteriorated.

Over the next few days Claire does her best to bring the Lallybroch men food and treat their ailments, seek support for their cause among the chieftains, and visit Alex Randall daily. Alex shows his gratitude by summoning Jack Randall and asking him to give Claire information about English troop movements. Claire learns that General Hawley has succeeded Cope and been ordered to retake Stirling Castle and is expecting another 6000-7000 troops to join him which would leave the Highlanders well outnumbered.

While Claire ponders what to do with this information she arrives back at her rooms to find that all the Lallybroch men are there, having been pardoned and released from prison. Jamie has ordered them to join him at once at Stirling and Claire declares that she will lead them there.

In 1746, while Jamie and his men take part in a skirmish before the Battle of Falkirk Muir Jamie tells Claire to wait the battle out in a kirk, and if things go wrong, to seek sanctuary there. Claire waits inside the church with her horse and during the battle she is joined by Dougal MacKenzie and his men who are fleeing the English. They have Rupert with them, and he is badly wounded with a punctured lung. Claire realizes there is nothing she can do to save Rupert. Jamie arrives in the afternoon to tell them the English are nearby.

Early next morning, the English approach the church and demand that the Scots surrender. When they refuse the English threaten to fire the thatch roof. Claire shouts out in protest at this and on hearing her English accent the English soldiers demand to know if there is an Englishwoman in the church. Dougal seizes the moment to pretend that Claire is an English hostage and he will release her in exchange for his men's freedom. Jamie is furious but Claire convinces him that it is the only option open to them. Jamie thinks Claire will be taken to Callender House and promises to come for her that night.

The English take Claire to Callendar House where she tells the English that she is a lady from Oxfordshire on her way to visit relatives in Edinburgh when she was captured by Scottish brigands. Claire learns that the English are preparing for major battle the next day. Not knowing what to do with her they send her to the temporary headquarters of a Colonel Campbell at Kerse. Claire is unable to escape during the journey to Kerse, and on arrival they discover that Colonel Campbell has been summonsed away to Livingston.

Claire is taken to Livingston and meets Colonel Campbell. When Colonel Campbell learns that one of the men who had 'captured' her was Red Jamie Fraser, he informs her that he is under orders to send on any information pertaining to Red Jamie Fraser, and that consequently he will be sending Claire south in the morning under the escort of Captain Mainwaring.

Captain Mainwaring has to deliver a supply train of wagons to Lanark before taking Claire south and after a week on the road Claire still has no idea exactly how far south they are going to take her. Claire attempts to escape one night but is stopped by a soldier with rape on his mind. She is saved by Corporal Rowbotham who thereafter takes care to spend each night guarding her tent.

Captain Mainwaring's party arrive in Tavistock and the Captain tells Claire to get her coat as he is taking her to Bellhurst Manor. As Claire is driven up the drive to the house she thinks she recognizes the crest on the pillars, and a beggar she catches a fleeting glimpse of through the trees. When the butler opens the door and Claire peers into the hallway she finds herself face to face with Mary Hawkins.

Claire pretends she's seen a mouse and screams to prevent Mary giving away her identity, but it is all for naught as she is taken to see the owner of the house and discovers it is none other than the Duke of Sandringham. The Duke is surprised and then suspicious to see Claire and starts to question her - he demands to know if she is an English hostage, a fervent Jacobite or a French agent. He tells Claire that she is very hard to kill, and when she reacts blankly, he summons his valet, Albert Danton, to the room. Claire doesn't recognize the man at first, but then sees that he has a small beauty mark above the fork of his thumb and realizes that he is one of the men who attacked her and Mary in Paris.

The Duke reveals to Claire that he arranged for Danton to dispose of her in that attack and that it was ironical bad luck that Mary was with her at the time and was despoiled, thus ruining the marriage that the Duke had arranged for her. The Duke also admits that Jack Randall works for him and that he controls Jack and binds him to him by offering him what he desires - punishment. When Claire asks why the Duke wanted to have her killed, he tells her that she and Jamie were attempting to thwart an affair that he had interested himself in. He was responsible for the seamen's attack on Jamie, but when Dougal arrived in Paris the Duke wondered whether Jamie was actually working for the Stuarts. The Duke tried to lure Jamie away from France by offering to secure a pardon for him, but when that didn't work he decided that Claire's death would be enough to stop Jamie.

At this point Claire glances through the window behind the Duke and sees Hugh Munro's head - he was the beggar Claire had seen in the trees as she came up the driveway when she arrived at the house. Hugh signs to Claire that he will send word to Jamie.

When Claire states that the Duke is a Jacobite, he replies 'Not necessarily'. He then demands to know whether Claire is, as she was first working against the Jacobites and then for them. When Claire refuses to tell him, he orders her to be taken to her room and tells her that her one invaluable attribute as a houseguest is that she is Red Jamie's wife and can be used to lure Jamie there.

Claire is taken to a lavish room with wooden bars on the windows and is locked in. Hearing a commotion outside, Claire peers through the window and sees Hugh Munro being beaten senseless by the Duke's staff. Claire shouts, breaks the glass in the window and pounds on the door, but to no avail. She is ignored and no-one comes to her cries. In despair Claire breaks down and sobs her heart out.

Mary Hawkins bribes the housekeeper to let her spend the night in Claire's room with her to keep her company. She tells Claire that Hugh has been hanged for poaching which sends Claire into despair until she manages to pull herself together. Mary then reveals to Claire that she is in her godfather's house because he has arranged another potential marriage for her, to a Mr Isaacson from London. Mary is there to meet and hopefully marry Mr Isaacson. She has been told not to say anything about her rape as Mr Isaacson doesn't know. Mary is very unhappy about this and had left Alex without telling him.

Claire and Mary eventually fall asleep and Claire is awoken in the dead of night by Jamie grappling with Mary whom he has mistaken for Claire. Once correct identities are established, Jamie tells Claire to get dressed as they have to get out of the house quickly before someone notices. Mary defies Jamie and insists he take her as well, saying she will scream the house down if he doesn't.

As they leave down the servant's stairs they hear someone approaching. Jamie steps into the shadows but there is nowhere for Claire and Mary to go. The man who appears is Albert Danton and when Mary sees him she recognizes him and calls out in shock that he is the man from Paris. Danton sees Claire and whispers La Dame Blanche in horror. Jamie grabs Danton and tells him that if he had the choice Danton would die a slow death. He then slits Danton's throat and Danton's blood sprays all over his shirt and spatters his face. Mary is violently sick.

They make it out of the house and meet up with Jamie's men. Jamie notices Murtagh is missing and says he must have gone to look for Hugh Munro. Claire tells Jamie that Hugh has been killed when Murtagh reappears with a string of sausages around his neck, a large ham under one arm and a blood stained cloth wrapped bundle under the other. When they reach the far side of the park, they retrieve Hugh Munro's body and ride off.

After riding through the night they arrive at Hugh's impoverished home and Jamie takes Hugh's body to his widow. Jamie swears to Mrs Munro that he will provide for her family. Just as Jamie is about to leave, Murtagh steps into the house with Mary Hawkins and carrying one of his saddlebags. Murtagh bows to Claire and tells her he has brought her her vengeance. He then bows his head to Mary and Mrs Munro and says he has brought them justice for the wrong done to them. Mrs Munro opens Murtagh's saddlebag and draws out the Duke of Sandringham's head.

It takes Jamie, Claire and their party several weeks to make their way back to Edinburgh. When they arrive Claire and Mary Hawkins go immediately to visit Alex Randall whom they find closer to death. Alex asks Claire to return the next day with Jamie and she agrees. When Jamie and Claire arrive the next day, Alex tells them he is waiting for one more person. Claire and Jamie are shocked when that person turns out to be his brother Jack. Alex asks Jack to do one last thing for him and Claire realizes that Mary is pregnant and Alex wants Jack to marry her, and that Alex is actually Frank's ancestor and not Jack. Alex performs the ceremony himself with the last of his strength, with Claire and Jamie as witnesses. He then fades away with Mary by his side.

Jamie takes Jack Randall back to his rooms while Claire stays with Alex and Mary until Alex passes away. When Claire finally returns to her rooms she foolishly says to Jamie that at least they know that Frank is safe now. That comment is a touchstone to Jamie's taut emotions and he erupts, damning all Randalls and asserting that Claire is his, and his alone and he will not share her. Claire asks him to take her to bed and they heal each other sexually. Claire wakes in the night to find Jamie crying quietly over the depth of his love for her.

Jamie and Claire join the general retreat of the Highland Army northwards to Culloden House where Charles Stuart has his headquarters. When they arrive at Culloden House on April 15th, Auld Alec is the first person they see. They find him close to starvation, lying in the hay in the stables. Alec tells them that the Highland Army has run out of food, all the horses have been slaughtered and eaten, except for Donas who was kept for Charles Stuart to ride on his triumphal return to Edinburgh, and that Charles Stuart has ordered the Highland army to take a stand on Culloden Moor.

While Jamie goes to see Charles Stuart, Claire seeks a place of refuge from the impending doom, and finds herself in a small room at the top of Culloden House. Jamie arrives and angrily informs her that despite the fact that the men of the Highland Army have not eaten for two days and have no ordnance for their cannon, Charles Stuart is proceeding with his plans to take a stand on Culloden Moor.

Jamie is defeated and in despair at Charles Stuart's pigheadedness. Reluctantly Claire suggests to him that there is one way left in which they might prevent the slaughter at Culloden - she could poison Charles Stuart. Jamie is shocked and appalled but does give consideration to Claire's proposal. He tells Claire that he cannot do it and Claire is greatly relieved. As they comfort each other Claire looks up and sees Dougal staring at her with revulsion from the doorway.

Dougal accuses Claire of being a witch and grabs her to kill her. Jamie frees Claire and tries to calm Dougal down but Dougal will not let Jamie stop him from killing Claire. Dougal rounds on Jamie with his dirk. Jamie is unarmed and they end up struggling together. In the course of the struggle Jamie gets Dougal's dirk off him and stabs him in the base of his throat. Dougal dies in Jamie's arms, speaking words that only Jamie can hear.

As Dougal breathes his last breath, one of his men, Willie Coulter, appears in the doorway and witnesses him die. Jamie asks Willie to give him one hour to see Claire safe and then he will come back and answer for what he has done. Willie is so frightened he agrees, and Jamie asks him to stay with Dougal's body until he returns.

Jamie is in shock, but manages to takes Claire outside and find Murtagh. He tells Murtagh what he has done and produces a document that he wants Murtagh and Claire to sign. The document is a Deed of Sasine, predated to July 1745, before Jamie's signature appeared on Charles Stuart's declaration, making him a traitor whose property would be subject to forfeiture by the Crown. The Deed cedes Lallybroch to Young Jamie, to be held in trust by his parents until he comes of age. Claire and Murtagh sign it as witnesses and Jamie asks Fergus to take it to Lallybroch. He gives Fergus his ruby ring to show to Auld Alec and tells him to ask Alec to give him Donas to ride. Jamie then asks Murtagh to gather the Lallybroch men and wait for his return.

Jamie then takes Claire and rides to Craigh na Dun. Claire is alarmed to see where he has brought her and struggles as Jamie drags her up the hill to the empty cottage. Once in the cottage Jamie tells her she must go back. He is now both a traitor and a murderer and will be hunted by both the English and the clans. Jamie tells Claire that he will see her safe, lead his men away from the battlefield and set them on the road to Lallybroch and then return to Culloden himself.

Claire tells Jamie that she won't leave him. She will dress as a man and ride at his side into battle. Jamie is horrified and tells Claire she must go back because she is carrying his child, and that is all that will be left of him. He begs Claire to see the child safe. Claire's heart breaks but she agrees to do as Jamie has requested. Jamie tells Claire that he will find her through time and then they make love slowly and passionately. Exhausted they both fall asleep and wake near dawn.

Claire asks Jamie to cut her so that she will have his mark on her forever, and they both carve their first initial into each others palms. Jamie tells Claire to tell Frank that he is grateful and trusts him because he must, and also hates him to the marrow of his bones. He asks Claire to bless him and she starts to say a Celtic prayer but they are interrupted by the sound of the approaching English and Jamie pushes Claire towards the stones. Claire turns back to look at Jamie and he grabs her and claims her with his body in a brief, fierce coupling. With his last kiss he tells Claire to "name him Brian" and Claire runs for the stones while Jamie draws his sword to face the English. Claire turns to look back, but an English soldier is in close pursuit so she flings herself at the stones. ​ In May 1948, Claire returns through the stones filthy, in poor physical health and pregnant. She is found and taken to a hospital in Inverness where she gives her name but refuses to speak further. Filled with terror and grief she wakes screaming and moaning after nightmares and desperately tries to hang onto the images of Jamie in her head. One morning she opens her eyes to find Frank in the room.

Claire immediately tells Frank she is pregnant, thinking he will leave then and she can be alone with her memories of Jamie. But Frank has already been told by the medical staff and is prepared for the news. He asks Claire to tell him what happened, and as she feels obligated to Frank she does so.

Of course he doesn't believe her and reacts by picking up a vase and smashing it on the floor. Frank reacts to Claire's story with anger and suspicion. He grabs her arm and snarls at her that she will tell him where she's been and what she's been doing. Claire tells him about meeting Jack Randall and marrying Jamie and gives him Jamie's full name when he asks. Claire says that she knows Frank won't want to have anything to do with her and tells him to go away but he says to her gently that he's not going anywhere.

Frank notices Claire's silver wedding ring and tries to take it off her finger, but Claire becomes upset and refuses to let him have it. The doctors sedate her and lead Frank away, but he vows that he will know the truth. The doctors think Claire is suffering from delusion and trauma.

Frank has Claire vetted by a psychiatrist. Claire spends a couple of weeks recovering in Inverness and then she and Frank move back to London. Claire's health is precarious and her pregnancy dangerous.

Claire tells Frank she will give him a divorce and he can return to the life he had begun to build up during her disappearance, but he refuses to abandon Claire and her unborn child. Frank is offered a position at Harvard and he and Claire move to Boston where no-one knows them and they can make a clean start. Frank and Claire are irritable and terrified as Brianna's birth approaches, not knowing how it will affect their relationship. Claire's pregnancy is high-risk and she and Frank do not share a bed, sleeping in twin beds, they do not kiss, and Frank always dresses in the bathroom or closet so Claire does not see him naked. Claire continues to have sexual dreams about Jamie.

Claire notices that women cluster around Frank at cocktail parties like bees round a honeypot and is certain that he has been having liaisons with other women but notes that he has been very discreet and has never had lipstick on his collar and always comes home at night.

When Brianna is born, Claire tries to get Frank to leave them but he won't. Frank is smitten with Brianna from the moment she's born. Claire and Frank continue not to touch each other and the only conversation they have is about domestic arrangements. Frank makes Claire promise that she won't tell Brianna that he is not her real father as long as he is alive.

Claire cannot bear to be reminded about the Jacobite rebellion and refuses to read any books on the subject, including those written by Frank.

In 1968, Claire travels to Scotland with Brianna in April and seeks the help of Roger Wakefield to find out what happened to the men of Lallybroch after Culloden. She would also like to track down Geillis. Claire plans to tell Brianna the truth about Jamie once she knows if all the Lallybroch men survived Culloden.

Roger takes Claire and Brianna to the old kirkyard at St. Kilda. Claire receives a shock when shown Jack Randall's grave. Asking to be left alone so she can regain her composure Claire wanders through the graves and screams out loud when she discovers Jamie's gravestone. She tells a shocked Bree and Roger that Jamie was her husband and Brianna's father. When they get back to the manse Claire starts to explain more. Claire is relieved to find that Roger shows a glimmer of cautious interest, but Bree is appalled and worried.

Claire finishes recounting her story to Brianna and Roger. She tells Brianna that Jamie was right. Her pregnancy was dangerous and Brianna's birth hazardous and they both probably would have died in the 18th century. Claire confesses to Brianna that she couldn't bear to leave Jamie and hated Brianna before she was born as Brianna was the reason Claire had to go back. Brianna reacts rather badly to this confession, shouts at Claire that Frank Randall is her father and that he never loved Claire, picks up the metal poker from the hearth and hurls it through the window and leaves.

Roger remains in the room and Claire asks him if he believes her and he replies that he's damned if he knows. Roger asks Claire if he can look at her silver wedding ring as it may have an 18th century silversmith's mark which would provide some proof to her tale. Claire says that she has never removed Jamie's ring, but she takes it off and discovers that the words da mi basia mille from Catullus's love poem are inscribed inside the ring. She is overcome with emotion but manages to get herself under control and points out to Roger that it's still not proof. Roger replies that it is absolute proof to him.

Claire reveals that despite the fact that Frank was a Jacobite scholar she couldn't bear to read any of his books and doesn't know what happened to any of the men she knew who took part in the Rising. Roger fills Claire in on the fates of the main players in the Rising.

After the catharsis of confession, Claire feels exhausted but at peace but she will not rest until she does one more thing. She explains to Roger that she has two things she must say to him. The first is the reason that she wanted him there when she told her story was because, like Brianna, he has the right to know who he is. Claire then reveals to Roger that one of his ancestors, William Buccleigh MacKenzie, was actually the child that Geillis bore to Dougal. He was taken in by William and Sarah MacKenzie who had just lost their own two month old baby son and given their dead son's name.

The second reason is that it is now 1968, the year that Geillis Duncan went through the stones, and Claire is fairly certain that Geillis hasn't yet made the trip. When Claire spoke to Fiona Graham about the Druid group she belonged to, Fiona had told her that a tall, blonde woman with green eyes called Gillian Edgars had also been making enquiries. Claire tells Roger that it is his decision whether he should look for Gillian. Roger says that of course he must find her and warn her that if she goes back she will be burnt at the stake. Claire asks him - but if Gillian doesn't go back, what happens to you? Roger considers all the unknown ramifications but decides that he will look for Gillian.

Roger and Claire go to Gillian's flat looking for her, but find only her rude alcoholic husband Greg, who tells them she isn't home and to bugger off. They then head to the Institute for the Study of Highland Folklore and Antiquities where Gillian spends a lot of time. Pretending to be academics from Oxford assessing Gillian's suitability for a graduate position, Claire and Roger talk to the Director of the Institute and learn that Gillian's interest in standing stones borders on the obsessive. Roger is overcome with the realization that Gillian is real and Claire's story may well be true. Claire steals the key to Gillian's study carrel.

After leaving the Institute, Claire suggests to Roger that he goes back to visit Greg Edgars that evening with a bottle of whisky to make him talk. She asks him to take Brianna with him because Claire thinks that although Brianna does not believe her, she will believe whatever Greg Edgars has to say about Gillian. While Roger does that Claire intends to break into the Institute and steal Gillian's notebook.

Claire steals the notebook and then goes to an Italian restaurant where she has a meal and ponders the rightness and wrongness of trying to interfere with Gillian's plans. When she finishes her meal she opens the notebook and begins to read. The notebook is a mix of myth and science laid out in three sections. The first section labelled 'Observations' lists the position of the sun and moon on all the ancient fire and sun feasts days over many years, the second section labelled 'Speculations' contains thoughts on such things as the need for a blood or fire sacrifice, and the final section labelled 'Conclusions' spurs Claire into action.

On the eve of Beltane, Claire, Roger and Brianna set out for Craigh na Dun to stop Gillian Edgars. They have been unable to contact her husband, Greg. They climb the hill and Roger spots a light by the stones. Claire can hear the stones buzzing and stumbles into Roger. The smell of petrol reaches them and Roger races towards Gillian. Claire yells Gillian's name and passes out.

Roger, Claire and Bree are up all night giving statements to the police and finally get to bed around dawn. They eat dinner together that night and then Roger removes himself to the study to think about whether he should reveal some information he found on Jamie to Claire. After much contemplation he decides that he owes Claire and Brianna the truth, regardless of how much discomfort it will cause. Roger approaches Claire and shows her the passage he has found in a book - a passage that suggests that although Jamie Fraser went to Culloden intending to die, he did not succeed and had survived the battle.


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In 1949, when three month old Brianna sneezes when Frank kisses her, Claire laughs for the first time in nearly a year. The resulting awareness between her and Frank makes Claire realize that Frank wishes to resume sexual relations with her. Frank reminds Claire that he has invited the Dean and his wife to dinner that night.

Claire has a horrible, stressful day: Brianna has a bad diaper rash and is consequently irritable and not feeding well; the furnace dies and the house becomes freezing; and she must meanwhile tidy the house and prepare dinner for their guests that evening. When Frank arrives home and finds Claire looking disheveled, he berates her for not fixing up her appearance, adding that it's not like she has anything else to do all day. Claire, who has reached the end of her tether, thrusts Brianna into Frank's arms, smashes the bottle of wine Frank has bought and runs out of the house just as the Dean and his wife arrive.

Claire drives around aimlessly for a while before arriving at the church of St. Finbar, where she observes the act of Perpetual Adoration and prays for Jamie. Frank finds her there and they both return home. Claire breastfeeds Brianna, who falls asleep after only feeding from one side. When Claire picks up the breast pump to express the other breast, Frank takes it from her and suckles her before they make love. ​ In 1955, when Brianna starts school and despite Frank's objections, Claire enrolls in medical school to become a doctor. There she meets Joe Abernathy, and in him she finds a kindred spirit: he is the only black student, and Claire is the only female student, and they become friends at the end of their internship when they bond over a badly written romance novel. Claire considers that Joe is probably the only person close to her who truly understands what she does and why.

One day, Claire is late coming home from the hospital and receives a call that Brianna has been hurt. Later, they put it together that the babysitter, tired of Claire's recurrent tardiness, had left the house at her scheduled time and abandoned seven-year-old Brianna at home, alone. After waiting about an hour, Brianna had gone out in search of Claire and was hit by a slow-moving car but fortunately was not badly hurt. Claire is devastated and tearfully decides that she must quit her medical training, but Frank unexpectedly tells her not to. He says that she has a rare passion for knowing who she is and what she must do, and offers to take care of Brianna; she can go to the university after school and play in his office until he has finished for the day. When Claire asks him why he would do this – he has never been thrilled by her ambition to become a doctor – he replies that he doesn't think he can stop Claire, but if he helps out he can minimize the damage to Brianna.

While working as a doctor in Boston, Claire occasionally uses herbal remedies on her patients, calling on the knowledge she gained while in the 18th century. This is met with skepticism and horror from her colleagues.

In 1966, Frank is due to take sabbatical leave from Harvard University in February. He plans to take a series of short trips through the northeastern United States, and then go on to England for six months. A month before he is due to leave, Frank and Claire are in bed when Frank casually mentions that he's decided to go to England first and that he's taking Brianna with him. Claire can't understand why Frank wouldn't wait for herself and Brianna to join him in the summer; Brianna still has her final semester and graduation in the spring.

Frank then tells Claire that his intention is to leave her, for good. A huge argument ensues: Claire throws Frank's affairs in his face; he accuses Claire of having an affair with Joe Abernathy and denigrates Joe's family as people he doesn't want Brianna associating with; and each of them take opposing views on how much supervision and parental decree Brianna deserves as a seventeen-year-old young woman.

Frank doubles down on his original assertion that he is taking Brianna, pointing out that he doesn't need Claire's permission, and Bree won't have a choice as she is still a minor. Claire retorts with a legal threat of her own: if he tries to take Bree, then Claire will use the fact of his adultery against him to gain custody. Frank didn't think Claire cared about his infidelity; Claire says she did; and Frank says she didn't care enough. They rehash an old argument – why Frank chose to stay by Claire's side and raise another man's child – and Frank surmises that Bree must look a lot like her biological father.

Claire tells Frank that she did love him once, and when she tried to make him leave and he wouldn't go, she did try to love him again. Frank wonders aloud if Claire could have forgotten Jamie if Brianna hadn't resembled him so strongly, but Claire says she wouldn't have. This admission spurs Frank to action, and he pulls his clothes on over his pajamas, walks out of the house and drives off in the car, leaving Claire shaking by the bed.

Claire keeps reliving the argument over and over in her head and can't sleep, so she decides to go to the hospital and check on her patients. She arrives in the early predawn hours, driving on icy streets while snow falls. After checking on her patients, Claire goes to the cafeteria and wonders how she is going to tell Bree what Frank intends to do. As she sits there, an ER nurse enters the room and stops dead at the sight of Claire. Claire knows immediately that the nurse has come to deliver news of a death.

The nurse tells Claire that Frank has been brought into the hospital after a car accident in which his car slid on black ice. He was DOA – dead on arrival. Claire walks to the emergency room cubicle where Frank's body has been placed. He is covered by a blanket and there are no visible wounds. Claire whispers to Frank that she did love him, once. Then Joe Abernathy appears and Claire rests her head on his shoulder and weeps for Frank.

In 1968, Claire is shocked at Roger's finding that suggests Jamie may not have died at Culloden, but tells Roger that even if Jamie did survive he probably would have died soon afterwards, as he was wounded and there was a famine in the Highlands. Roger asks Claire if she would like him to look to see if he can find what happened to Jamie and it suddenly occurs to Claire that if Jamie survived she may be able to go back to him. The realization shakes her to the core but she asks Roger to go ahead and look for Jamie.

Claire, Roger and Brianna begin their research to track down Jamie. Brianna finds the legend of the Dunbonnet that leads them to believe that Jamie returned to Lallybroch after Culloden. Fiona Graham overhears them talking about the Dunbonnet and fills them in on the rest of the legend - that the Dunbonnet had someone betray him to the English so his people could have the reward money and he was tried and sent to prison. Roger is really excited on learning this because if Jamie was sent to prison he will exist in official documents and they will be able to track him.

A week later the Reverend's study is covered in papers and they still haven't found Jamie. That night Claire continues searching late into the night and at 3 o'clock in the morning she finds Jamie's name entered into the prison register of Ardsmuir Prison.

Roger takes additional leave from his college for the summer term to help continue the search for Jamie. By August, he, Claire and Brianna have found the records for Ardsmuir Prison and learned that Jamie was paroled to Helwater, and they then find his Royal Warrant of Pardon dated 1764. Roger and Claire are both aware that if Claire were to take another trip back through the stones she would probably arrive twenty years after she left, in 1766. If they can find evidence that Jamie is alive in 1766 then Claire may be able to go back to him.

In September Claire flies back to Boston, leaving Roger and Brianna in Scotland to continue the search for Jamie. Claire has used up all her vacation leave and must deal with matters at the hospital where she works and at home. She also wants to talk to one of her closest friends, Joseph Abernathy, before making any final decisions. On the plane trip home Claire thinks about Jamie and imagines that she feels someone ruffling her hair with a light lover's touch and can smell the scents of wool and heather.

Claire returns to her house in Boston and gives good long thought to exactly what sort of modern conveniences and advances in technology she would be giving up if she chose to go back to Jamie. Claire realizes that none of that matters, the only considerations are herself, Brianna and Jamie. When Claire remembers Frank she weeps for him, but she knows that she and Frank really parted twenty years before when she first went through the stones.

The next morning Claire receives a telegram from Roger saying that he and Brianna have found Jamie and wanting to know if Claire will come back to Scotland.

Claire has a studio photo of herself taken to leave with Brianna. She spends a week going through the house collecting all the papers and documents that Brianna will need to take ownership of the house, etc, and then Claire writes a letter to Brianna, filling it with practical information such as her family history and medical history, and lots of memories and motherly advice and wisdom. Claire is in tears as she writes to Bree, and feels the enormity of what she is about to do. She tells Bree to choose a good man like either of her fathers, and signs off with the words, 'Stand up straight and try not to get fat, With All My Love Always, Mama'.

Claire is with Joe at the hospital when a man arrives with a box of bones for him to examine. Joe asks Claire to stay and look at them as he wants to know if she can do the same empathetic diagnosis on a dead person as she can on a living one. Claire holds the skull in her hands and gets a sense of sadness and surprise. She declares that the dead woman was killed, that she didn't want to die.

Joe then reveals that the bones are between 150-200 years old and were found in a cave in the Caribbean with a lot of artifacts. When he pieces the skeleton together he confirms Claire's feeling - one of the neck bones is completely missing while others are fractured. Joe surmises that someone killed the woman by chopping her head off with a blunt blade. Joe also determines that the bones belong to a white woman.

When the man leaves, Claire tells Joe that she wants his opinion on something, and then possibly a favor. Claire then asks Joe if she is sexually attractive. He gives her an honest assessment that she is and draws the obvious conclusion that Claire is interested in a man. When Claire explains that it's someone she hasn't seen for twenty years, Joe asks outright if it's Bree's father. Claire is shocked that Joe has guessed, but confirms that it is and she feels intoxicated at being able to talk about Jamie after twenty years of silence.

Claire then tells Joe that the favor she wants to ask concerns Bree. Two hours later Claire leaves the hospital, leaving with Joe her letter of resignation, all the documents for the handling of her property until Bree comes of age, and the document to pass that property onto Bree once she is of age. As Claire drives away she feels a mixture of panic, regret and elation.

Claire arrives back in Scotland in October. Bree and Roger show her the documents they have found - the Deed of Sasine that Claire had signed deeding Lallybroch to Young Jamie, and a handwritten draft of something published by an Alexander Malcolm in Edinburgh in 1765. By comparing the handwriting of the two documents, Bree and Roger are convinced that Alexander Malcolm is Jamie. When Claire sees the draft she is also certain that it is Jamie's handwriting. Claire realizes that Jamie would have been 44 years old in 1765, and that if time runs in parallel then she could go back to him. Bree tells Claire that she will be able to go back and find him.

Claire buys a suitable dress to wear on her trip through the stones. With the help of Roger and Bree, she amasses a small collection of 18th century Scottish coins. Most of the coins are made of gold. On the night before Claire is to leave, at Samhain, Claire, Roger and Bree go out for a meal together and then return to the manse for drinks. Claire thanks them both, tells them how much she will and miss them and hugs Bree tight before retiring to bed.

Claire awakes later in the night and goes downstairs. Bree has gone to bed but Roger is still up. Roger assures Claire that he will look after Bree when she is gone. Claire gives Roger an envelope and asks if he will give it to Bree. In it is everything Claire wants to say to Bree but she can't bring herself to say goodbye to her. Claire tells Roger that she is very afraid and doesn't know if she can go through with this, but she is just as afraid of not doing it.

Early the next morning Claire takes a taxi to Craigh na Dun. She is full of doubt and fear about whether she can go through with it, but finds her feet moving towards the stones as though no longer under her control. When Claire walks into the circle she is startled to see Roger and Bree there, standing in front of the cleft stone.

Bree tells Claire that she will try to go back through the stones if Claire can't do it. She says that they owe it Jamie to tell him that he did what he meant to do for them - that he had saved both their lives. Bree says that Jamie had given Claire to her and now she must give Claire back to Jamie. Then Bree tells Claire that when she finds Jamie she is to give him this, and she kisses Claire fiercely, then tells Claire she loves her and to go. Claire walks into the stone cleft.

In 1766, Claire wakes under a rowan tree below the stones. It is raining and she is soaking wet but also certain that Jamie is alive in this time. Her plan is to get to Inverness and then take a public coach to Edinburgh. If she can't find Jamie in Edinburgh then she will go to Lallybroch.

Claire makes it to Inverness and boards a coach to Edinburgh, a journey which takes two days. After disembarking in Edinburgh Claire makes her way through the streets and asks directions to the printing shop belonging to A. Malcolm. She is directed to Carfax Close and heads straight there, stopping only briefly to check her appearance.

Claire walks to the print shop, gathers her courage and enters. Jamie is in the back room, with his back to the door. He assumes that it is his colleague Geordie who has returned and calls out to him. When Claire replies 'It's me. Claire', Jamie turns around. He stares at Claire as she walks towards him and asks him when he broke his nose. When he answers, Claire reaches out and touches Jamie's nose and he loses all color from his face, whispers 'you're real', and promptly faints, knocking over an alepot as he does so.

Jamie comes round from his faint sitting in a puddle of ale. He and Claire end up sobbing in each others arms and hugging each other tightly. They are both aware of a strange feeling of shyness and intimacy after twenty years apart. Jamie asks if he can kiss Claire and they share a slow, light kiss. Jamie explains that he had often seen visions of Claire when he was sick or lonely or dreaming, but she had never spoken to him before. He says to her, 'Dinna be afraid, there's the two of us now'.

Jamie goes up stairs to change his breeches which are wet from sitting in the puddle of ale and Claire accompanies him. Claire is relieved to find that Jamie obviously lives alone with no sign of a female presence in his spartan rooms. As soon as Jamie has clean breeches on he turns to Claire and asks her urgently about their child.

Claire pulls out a package of photographs wrapped in waterproof packaging. They are photos of Bree from babyhood to adulthood and Claire shows them to Jamie, one by one. Jamie is overcome with emotion and breaks down in tears.

Jamie asks Claire what his daughter's name is. When Claire tells him it's Brianna, he's taken aback and reflexively replies 'What an awful name for a wee lassie." Surprisingly this doesn't go down well with Claire who gets upset and tells Jamie that he told her to name their child after his father Brian. When Jamie responds that he thought the baby would be a boy, Claire angrily demands to know if he's sorry she isn't. Jamie replies that of course he isn't sorry but both Brianna and Claire are a huge shock to him.

Claire realizes that while she has had months to prepare herself for this reunion, Jamie has had no time at all. Claire asks him if he's sorry she came back. Jamie grips her tightly and says 'no'. He then tells Claire that she is pronouncing Brianna's name wrong - it should be pronounced Bree-anah, and it's a beautiful name.

Jamie suddenly notices how late it's got and realizes he was supposed to get Mr. Willoughby from the tavern at noon and it is now 4pm. He hastily throws on some shoes and asks Claire if she will come with him. She replies that wild horses wouldn't stop her.

They find Mr. Willoughby seriously drunk in the basement of The World's End tavern. As Jamie is carrying him out, a prostitute recognizes Mr. Willoughby and accuses him of doing disgusting things to her feet. Her companions become aggressive and Jamie and Claire are forced to run for it, with Jamie carrying Mr. Willoughby.

Once they have eluded their pursuers, Jamie takes Claire and Mr. Willoughby to a building owned by Madame Jeanne where Jamie has a permanent room. When Claire realizes that they are in a brothel she asks Jamie why he has a room in a brothel. Jamie explains that Madame Jeanne is a customer of his and provides a room for him to stay in when he gets in late from business abroad. When Claire asks what business that might be, Jamie says that's not the question. The question is why has Claire come back?

Claire asks Jamie if he wants her to go. He tells Claire that he has burned for her for twenty years and does not want her to go, but he is not the man she knew. He asks Claire if she will accept him as he is now, and Claire replies yes, and points out that Jamie no longer knows her either. The distance of their twenty year separation stretches between them and they know it will take time to bridge it.

Claire and Jamie eat dinner together and then go to bed. They are both nervous and scared but their bodies respond to each other instinctively and they make love for the first time in twenty years. Claire learns that Jamie's printing activities have caused him to be arrested six times, but she vows that nothing will make her leave him, not even if he has committed bigamy and public drunkenness. Jamie startles at this declaration and tells Claire that he is also a smuggler.

The next morning Jamie and Claire are surprised by a visit from Ian who has come to search for Young Ian. Ian is disgusted at finding Jamie in a brothel and then shocked to his core to find Claire with him. When he recovers himself he tells Jamie and Claire that Young Ian had left home over a week ago, leaving only a note saying he was going to his uncle. Upon learning that Jamie has not seen him, both Ian and Jamie are worried.

Jamie and Ian go off to look for Young Ian, leaving Claire to stay in Jamie's room at the brothel. Claire has not been there long when there is a knock on the door, and Young Ian himself enters. During an awkward conversation Ian learns that his father is in Edinburgh looking for him and that Claire knows his father. Assuming Claire is a prostitute, Ian leaps to the wrong conclusions about his father and leaves in anger.

No sooner has Young Ian left than there is another knock at the door and Mr. Willoughby enters. He prostrates himself on the ground and apologizes for thinking Claire a whore when she is actually Jamie's most honorable First Wife.

Claire gives up waiting for someone to bring her food or clothes and wraps herself in a quilt and goes downstairs. She joins the prostitutes for a delicious breakfast before Madame Jeanne finds her and is horrified. Madame Jeanne takes Claire upstairs to a room full of clothes and Claire selects a dress to wear. Claire overhears Madame Jeanne talking about a girl who had been murdered by the Edinburgh Fiend the night before.

Claire questions the porter and learns that the Edinburgh Fiend has killed eight women over the last two years, most of them women of easy virtue. The Fiend killed them by hitting them with a heavy-bladed instrument and some of his victims had been dismembered. His latest victim is the sister of one of Madame Jeanne's prostitutes.

Claire is contemplating this information when the door bursts open and Fergus rushes in. Claire doesn't recognize him, but Fergus recognizes Claire and throws himself down on his knees, wraps his arms around Claire's thighs and hugs her. Understandably taken aback by this Claire commands him to let go, but in his joy Fergus ignores her. When he smiles, Claire suddenly realizes who he is and they embrace enthusiastically. Jamie then bursts in the room and tells Fergus to come quickly as he has smuggled brandy in the alleyway and excisemen on his heels. They both rush out to deal with that.

Claire grabs a shawl and heads down the stairs, trying to find where Jamie is. She is grabbed by an exciseman, but Mr. Willoughby appears, quite drunk and holding a pistol. Mr. Willoughby tells the exciseman to release Claire and when he doesn't do so, he shoots him. Claire catches the exciseman as he falls and he ends up sprawled across her lap. Fergus comes running and Claire is shocked to see that he has a hook in place of one of his hands. Then Jamie comes running, tells Fergus to guard the front of the building and wraps the exciseman's body in the shawl and picks him up. Claire and Jamie take the body downstairs to a hidden cellar where Jamie carries out his smuggling operation.

Claire washes the blood off herself using some of the water that Jamie has piped down from the roof to cut the brandy. When Claire tells Jamie the dead man is an exciseman Jamie is shocked. He looks at the man's face and checks his pockets where he finds only a small Bible. Jamie heaves a sigh of relief as he realises the man is not one of Edinburgh's excisemen. Jamie explains to Claire that he bribes the Superintending Customs Officer to turn a blind eye to his smuggling and so the real excisemen do not come into the brothel.

After dealing with the dead body and the smuggled brandy, Jamie and Claire go to Moubray's Tavern to dine. They are interrupted by Sir Percival Turner who sends Jamie a veiled warning against pursuing his next planned smuggling activity. After Sir Percival leaves, Jamie and Claire take a room upstairs at Moubrays and indulge in some afternoon delight.

Claire and Jamie are walking back to the print shop in the evening when they realize there is a fire in Carfax Close. They rush there to discover that it is Jamie's print shop that is on fire. Jamie rushes in to save his printing press and aided by others manages to remove it from the shop just before the stairs cave in. Claire remains outside and is joined by Ian, who looks up and notices that Young Ian is trapped upstairs. Ian tries to go inside the building to rescue his son, but he is held back by neighbors. Jamie is trying to catch his breath outside when Claire and Ian rush up yelling that Young Ian is trapped upstairs in the building. Jamie accesses the print shop roof via the chocolate shop next door and drags Young Ian out. Ian throws a rope up to Jamie and Jamie and Young Ian are lowered safely to the ground.

Jamie, Claire and the two Ians go back to Madame Jeanne's and Jamie questions Young Ian about how he came to be in the printshop and how it came to be on fire. When Ian admits he set the fire, Jamie asks him to explain himself. Ian tells Jamie about the man he followed. When Ian reacts angrily at the news that Young Ian had been to the brothel, Young Ian calls him a hypocrite as he believes that Claire is a prostitute that Ian has been visiting. Ian sets Young Ian straight and tells him that Claire is his aunty. Young Ian asks Claire if she is a fairy. While Claire struggles to answer, Ian replies that Claire had escaped to France after Culloden and had thought Jamie dead.

While telling his story Ian drinks porter and becomes quite drunk. Claire goes off to fetch some tea to try and sober him up while Jamie and Ian help him vomit. When Claire returns she tends to Ian's burns and he resumes his story. When Ian hears that Jamie has been printing seditious pamphlets and Young Ian is mixed up with it, he gets really angry and demands to know how Jamie could do such a thing to him and Jenny after all the suffering they endured after Culloden because of Jamie's part in the Rising. Jamie reacts angrily and points out that Ian's son is now the heir to Lallybroch, while Jamie has nothing.

Ian berates Jamie for not sending word that Young Ian was with him, to stop Jenny worrying. Jamie replies that he meant to bring Ian home himself and ask permission for him to come and live with him as he cares for the lad as if he were his own son. Ian Senior replies that he may do so, but Young Ian is not Jamie's son, but his. Ian then tells Young Ian that they are leaving, but Young Ian refuses to go with him that night, saying he will go in the morning. Ian is shocked and angry at Young Ian's disobedience, and leaves defeated.

Ian is very upset at hurting his father and Jamie tells him that he shouldn't have said that to him. Young Ian anguishedly tells Jamie that he couldn't go with his father as he needs to tell Jamie something else and he doesn't want his father to hear as he would be hurt. Ian then tells Jamie that he thinks he killed the seaman, as he doesn't think the seaman could have escaped the fire. Jamie tells Ian that he hasn't done anything wrong, but Ian bursts into tears and is comforted by Claire. When Ian has finished crying Jamie tells him he isn't damned because it's not a sin to kill in self defense, and that he shouldn't be afraid of telling his father.

Jamie realises that Ian confided in him because he had killed men and would know what to do. Jamie tells Ian to do the following things - Ask himself if he had a choice in killing the man, and as he didn't, put his mind at ease. Go to confession, or if that isn't possible, say a good Act of Contrition. Then say a prayer for the soul of the man he's killed. And then live with it.

The next morning Claire goes to Haugh's apothecary to get supplies and meets the Reverend Archibald Campbell who asks her to come and see his sister who suffers from a nervous complaint. Claire visits Margaret Campbell that afternoon, finding her in a catatonic state. On learning of the events that caused Margaret's mental illness, Claire decides there is very little she can do for her. Ian arrives with a message from Jamie just as Claire is about to leave. When Margaret Campbell hears the name Jamie, she comes out of her trance, calls out 'Jamie?' and then starts screaming.

That afternoon Jamie and Fergus make alternative plans to land the smuggled liquor at Arbroath in light of Sir Percival's warning about the ambush. Young Ian wants to be involved with the smuggling, but Jamie tells him that he is not to be a part of it, but instead is to stay with Claire at the inn above the abbey at Arbroath, and once the smuggling is over, they will return Young Ian to Lallybroch, as his father has already gone home. Young Ian starts to blurt out a question, 'But Uncle, what about ...', but Jamie snaps at him and cuts him off before he can finish his sentence.

Jamie, Claire and Young Ian travel to Arbroath, with Ian constantly pestering Jamie to be allowed to take part in the smuggling. When they reach Arbroath after four days of riding, it is to find that the inn has been burnt down. Jamie cannot leave Young Ian and Claire without shelter and is forced to take them both with him to the smuggling rendezvous. Jamie tells Ian that he is only to go as far as the cliff edge and is to take care of Claire.

Jamie, Claire and Young Ian go to the cove where the rendezvous with the smuggling ship is to take place, meeting up with Fergus, Mr. Willoughby and Jamie's men. Just as the ship is about to reach shore, excisemen burst from their hiding places in the sand and the smugglers take flight. Young Ian and Claire flee inland towards the small village of Arbroath. Just as they reach the road they hear voices, two men lying in wait to capture Jamie for a fifty pound reward who also mention more men lying in wait at Arbroath Abbey.

Young Ian heads to Arbroath Abbey to warn the other smugglers, while Claire heads towards the two excisemen they had overheard, in the hopes of distracting them. Claire crosses paths with Jamie and Fergus and six of Jamie's smugglers. When Claire tells Jamie about the excisemen, Jamie goes looking for them and finds one of them hanging from a tree. Jamie suspects that the murder will be pinned on him. Young Ian returns and they all leave for Lallybroch.

Jamie, Claire and Young Ian arrive at Lallybroch to a tense reunion with Ian and Jenny. Jenny is initially wary of Claire, finding it difficult to believe she has reappeared after so long away, and so unchanged.

Ian berates Young Ian for running away and causing so much worry and sends him out to the gatepost to be whipped. Jamie pleads with Ian not to whip Young Ian, saying that he is no longer a child. Ian says that he has told Ian he will be punished and can't go back on his word, but that Jamie can be the one to administer the whipping. Jamie is shocked and does not want to do it but has no choice. Claire, Jenny & Ian all watch through the window as Jamie goes to join Young Ian. Young Ian is shocked when Jamie comes out to the gatepost and even more surprised and taken aback when Jamie finishes the beating and then orders Ian to whip him in return to punish him for leading him astray. As both Ian and Jamie gingerly rub their bottoms afterwards, Jamie tells Ian that he'd prefer not to have to do that again, and Ian agrees.

The mutual punishment of Jamie and Young Ian releases the tensions in the household and Jamie and Claire go to bed that evening in a much happier frame of mind. They awake the next morning and are engaged in some amorous foreplay when the door to the bedroom flies open and a teenage girl stares in horror at the sight of Jamie lying between Claire's thighs. Jamie is just as horrified, but not nearly as much as Claire as the girl exclaims, "Daddy! Who is that woman?".

Suddenly Laoghaire appears in the bedroom and hisses at Claire to go back to where she came from as Jamie is hers. Jamie shoves Laoghaire out of the room, and tells Claire that he can explain everything but Claire is in shock and in no state of mind to be reasonable. After shouting angrily at each other, Jamie tells Claire he will sort things out and then come back and talk. He then leaves to deal with Laoghaire who has been pounding on the bedroom door.

When Jamie leaves the room Claire falls to pieces. She is particularly hurt by the fact that Jamie married the woman who tried to have her killed as a witch, even while admitting to herself that Jamie doesn't know about Laoghaire's part in that. Claire realises that she can't stay at Lallybroch when Laoghaire and her daughters usually live there with Jamie and she gets dressed so that she can leave.

Jamie returns to the bedroom to find Claire ready to leave Lallybroch. Claire is filled with anger at Jamie for lying to her about the fact that he was married and Jamie confesses that he was afraid that Claire would leave him if she knew. All the pain and hurt they have carried over their twenty years apart is released in a vicious argument and as Claire makes to leave, Jamie grabs her and kisses her violently. Claire responds in kind and their anger finds release in furious, noisy sex which is abruptly interrupted by Jenny tossing a pail of cold water over them. Jenny angrily demands to know whether Jamie is ashamed of rutting like a wild beast for all the house to hear. Jamie dazedly shakes himself, replies that he is ashamed and leaves the room.

Jenny settles Claire down and leaves her daughter Janet in the room while she goes to find Claire a new dress to wear to replace her ripped one. Janet is upset and confesses to Claire that she was the person who told Laoghaire that Claire was back. When Claire asks Janet why she did that, Janet says that Jenny told her to. Jenny reappears with a dress for Claire. Claire puts on the dress and tells Jenny she wants to leave. Jenny says, 'I think that's best'. Claire sets off in late morning, heading back to the stones to leave Jamie forever.

Claire rides off towards Craigh na Dun, spending the night in the mountains. The next day her spirits plummet and in mid afternoon she stops her horse, slumps down on a fallen tree and gives in to grief. Sunk in misery, Claire is startled to find Young Ian appear next to her. Claire tells Ian to go back home and makes to leave but he grabs the reins of her horse and forces her to listen. Ian explains that Jamie was furious when he learned that Claire had left and had made to come after her but was waylaid by Laoghaire. On hearing this Claire's anger fires up again and she goes to yank the reins out of Ian's hands. In desperation Ian tells Claire that Laoghaire has shot Jamie, and Jamie has sent Ian to fetch Claire back because he is dying.

Claire learns that Jamie was shot in the left arm, with the ball penetrating into his side, and had become feverish. As Claire and Ian ride back to Lallybroch, Claire has a lot of time to think. She does not know if Ian is telling her the truth and wonders if Jamie might have even shot himself deliberately to make Claire come back.

Claire and Ian arrive back at Lallybroch. Jenny is not at all happy to see Claire again but the two of them put their differences aside for the sake of Jamie. Claire goes into the parlor where Jamie is asleep on a camp bed in front of the fire with a raging fever. Not wanting to waken him before the fever does, Claire contemplates Jamie's actions and hers. She realises that Jamie had not told her about his marriage to Laoghaire because he was still shaken by her reappearance and unsure about how to juggle his obligations to Laoghaire, her daughters and Claire. Claire realises that she had fled because she was afraid that Jamie wouldn't choose her, but she now knows that her future is with Jamie and she will stay.

Jamie awakens but thinks that Claire is part of a fever dream until she touches him and he realises she is real. Jamie is certain he is dying but Claire has a secret weapon, some penicillin that she brought with her through the stones and she gives Jamie his first dose.

While Claire tends to Jamie, he tells her how he came to be married to Laoghaire and how unhappy he'd been. Claire realises that she had been just as lonely and lost married to Frank. They both re-vow their love for each other.

The penicillin works like a charm with Jamie's fever disappearing within two days and the inflammation much improved after four days. The Murray clan descend on Lallybroch to visit Jamie, and Claire is reintroduced to Jenny & Ian's children and introduced to all their grandchildren. Jamie is a magnet for his great-nieces and nephews and settles down to a storytelling session with them while Claire seeks out the women in the kitchen. Claire notices that Jenny is absent. She and Jenny have been avoiding each other since Claire returned and have not spoken in four days. Claire decides the time has come for a reckoning and she goes out to the dairy shed in search of Jenny.

Claire is surprised to see Fergus outside, looking morose. Fergus reveals to Claire that he is unhappy because the destruction of the print shop has put paid to his plans for the future. Fergus had invested some of his smuggling profits in the print shop and was hoping to become a full partner in time, thus achieving some sort of respectability which he does not have as a one-armed, bastard smuggler. Respectability is important to Fergus as he has fallen in love with a young lady and knows that he will not be an acceptable suitor in his current state. Claire suggests that Fergus asks Jamie to help him, but he vehemently asks Claire to say nothing to Jamie.

Claire is cold and goes back inside and finds Jenny in the parlor with Jamie. Jenny has received a warning from a neighbor that Hobart MacKenzie is on his way and she tells Jamie that he should leave Lallybroch. Jamie refuses to leave stating he is not scared of Hobart and Jenny has to accept that. Jenny leaves the room and then goes outside to the barn. Claire sees her through the window and follows her.

Claire catches up to Jenny who realises that she can no longer avoid this confrontation. They go to the root cellar for privacy. Claire confronts Jenny about why she made Jamie marry Laoghaire and why she sent word to Laoghaire that Jamie had returned with Claire. Jenny admits that Jamie would not have married Laoghaire if she hadn't forced the issue, but explains to Claire that Jamie was so lonely and wretched when he returned home that she could not bear it.

Jenny tells Claire that she sent word to Laoghaire because she was afraid that Claire would take Jamie away from her again, as she had seen Claire's shade at Jamie and Laoghaire's wedding. As long as Jamie was married to Laoghaire he wouldn't go further than Edinburgh and would return home regularly, but if he was married to Claire he would no longer be bound to the Highlands and Jenny may never see him again. Claire explains that she just wants to stay at Lallybroch with Jamie and promises she will take good care of Jamie even if they do have to go elsewhere.

Claire and Jenny have cleared the air and now have an understanding of each others actions when Young Ian bursts into the cellar to announce that Hobart MacKenzie has arrived with a lawyer. Claire and Jenny return to the house where Claire finds herself in the awkward situation of being introduced to Hobart MacKenzie who seems equally nonplussed. Hobart's lawyer then enters then enters the room and Claire is delighted to see that it is Ned Gowan.

Jamie, Claire, Hobart, Ned, Jenny and Ian are present as Ned lays out Laoghaire's case for compensation. Jamie declares that he will continue to support Laoghaire and her daughters, but Jenny insists that that support should stop if Laoghaire remarries. This is agreed to and the final settlement agreed to is that Jamie will pay Laoghaire an initial sum of £500 in compensation for distress, inconvenience and loss of conjugal services. He will then continue to pay Laoghaire £100 per year until she remarries. In addition Jamie will pay a bride-portion of £300 to each of Laoghaire's two daughters, and he agrees to not take a suit against Laoghaire for attempted murder. Laoghaire agrees to accept this offer in full and final settlement.

After Hobart and Ned have left, Jenny asks Jamie where he is going to get the money to pay Laoghaire. Jamie replies that he will have to use some of the seal's treasure, but as he cannot swim because of his gunshot wound he wants to take Young Ian to retrieve it. Jenny automatically says no, being unable to let go of her youngest child. But Ian acknowledges that Young Ian is a capable enough swimmer and Jenny realises they cannot treat Ian as a child forever, but must give him his freedom while he still thinks it is theirs to give. Jenny reluctantly agrees, and Jamie tells her that for Laoghaire's sake he must leave Lallybroch for a while. He proposes going back to France to work for Jared and taking Young Ian with him so he can be schooled in Paris.

Despite it being winter, Jamie, Claire and Young Ian travel to the seal's cove. When they arrive the weather is very misty with poor visibility. Ian is lowered down to the beach and swims out to the seal's island. Jamie and Claire can do nothing but wait until he returns, a round trip that Jamie knows will take about two hours.

While Claire and Jamie are waiting on the top of the cliffs, Jamie hears shouting. Striding to the cliff's edge, the mist lifts long enough for Jamie and Claire to see two men on the island - one man carrying the box of treasure, and the second carrying the limp body of Ian. The men put the box and Ian into a small boat and row out to a larger boat waiting nearby. Jamie and Claire jump on their horses and follow the boat, but they are spotted and the boat opens fire on them, lifts anchor and sails away.

Jamie and Claire are both shocked and distressed at what they have just witnessed. Jamie decides that the only thing they can really do is to go to France as planned and hope that Jared can help them to identify the ship. They cannot leave until the morning so try to sleep but Jamie cannot. Claire wakes and finds Jamie praying for guidance. He shares his feelings of guilt with Claire. He thinks that he has caused misfortune to fall Ian's way by trying to use the treasure for selfish reasons - to rid himself of Laoghaire and be with Claire. Jamie does not know how he can face Jenny after convincing her to let Ian go with him and promising to keep him safe. Claire tells him he is a terrible fool, that they are married in the eyes of God and it is not wrong for them to be together. About 4 o'clock in the morning they decide to leave as neither can bear waiting any more.

Jamie, Claire and Mr. Willoughby travel to Le Havre and go immediately to see Jared in his warehouse where they explain everything that has happened. Jared explains that as it is so late in the season there are few ships still available to travel on, and the best he can provide is a mid-sized sloop called the Artemis which will be ready to sail in a week. Jared has searched the harbormasters records and discovered that the Bruja has its home port listed as Bridgetown in Barbados. Not knowing the destination of the ship, Jamie and Claire plan to sail to Barbados in the hope that they will find it. Jared informs them that the sailing time to the West Indies is normally two months, but this late in the year they may well be delayed a month or more by winter gales. Both Jared and Claire are concerned about how Jamie will survive the voyage, but Jamie will endure anything to get Ian back.

Jared appoints Jamie in the role of supercargo on the ship. This means Jamie is responsible for the cargo and his authority can override the captain's in decisions relating to the cargo. The Artemis will sail to Jamaica with a load of cargo and then reload with rum from Jared's sugarcane plantation to be brought back to France. The return trip will not be able to be made until May when the weather improves, and Jamie and Claire will have the ship at their disposal until that time to search for Ian.

Unable to sleep that night Claire finds herself thinking about how much has happened to her in the short time since she returned through the stones. Despite now facing a dangerous sea voyage and an unknown future, she finds herself oddly excited by the prospect after so many years being rooted to one place, tied to Frank, Brianna and her patients.

Claire prepares for the voyage by putting together a medical kit. Jamie meets with a coin dealer, Mayer, and describes to him the coins he found in the seal's treasure. Mayer reveals that the original buyer of those coins was the Duke of Sandringham. Claire wonders if the coins would be worth £50,000 and if so whether that was the money the Duke of Sandringham had promised to Charles Stuart. Claire notes that the Duke hadn't paid the money to Charles Stuart because he was killed by Murtagh before Charles got to Scotland and she agonizes over whether this would have made a difference.

Jamie and Claire agree that the coins could possibly be the money the Duke had promised, but the really pressing questions are, what was Duncan Kerr doing - had he come to remove the treasure or deposit it? And, who sent the Bruja to retrieve it?

Claire goes shopping for medical supplies with Mr. Willoughby who proves surprisingly knowledgeable about herbs. They run into the Reverend Campbell who eyes Mr. Willoughby with distaste. The Reverend Campbell explains that he is still traveling to the West Indies with his sister, but had some some urgent business to attend to in France first. When the Reverend goes on his way. Mr. Willoughby tells Claire that he has seen the Reverend at Madame Jeanne's engaged in unholy behavior.

Over dinner one night Jared gives a Masonic greeting to Jamie which he returns. Jared tells Jamie that there are Freemason lodges in the Caribbean and Jamie should use the contacts there to help find Ian. Claire is startled to learn that Jamie is a Mason and suddenly very aware of the many years they have spent apart and how many things she doesn't know about Jamie. She is feeling a bit lost when Jamie plays footsies with her under the table, and smiles deep into her eyes. Feeling much reassured about their future together, Claire and Jamie go off to be.

The next day Jamie, Jared and Mr. Willoughby have errands to do. Claire takes advantage of their absence to visit L'Hôpital des Anges where she is delighted to find that Mother Hildegarde is still alive. Claire visits Faith's grave and is surprised at how emotional she feels after all this time.

When the Artemis is ready to sail, Jamie, Claire & Mr. Willoughby board and sail back to Scotland to pick up Fergus and the men from Jamie's smuggling group. Jamie explains to Claire that the smugglers will provide protection against the men who took Ian, and will help crew the Artemis. The Artemis arrives at Cape Wrath before Fergus and the men, and Jamie is forced to wait for their arrival despite desperately wanting to begin the search for Ian. Claire prepares copious quantities of ginger in the hope that it will help Jamie with his seasickness.

Two days after arriving at Cape Wrath, the six smugglers arrive but Fergus is not with them. Jamie learns that Fergus had sent the men on ahead saying that he had business to attend to. Fergus has still not arrived the next morning and the captain tells Jamie they must leave by mid-afternoon as there is bad weather on the way. Jamie grows more and more anxious as the day wears on, but just as the Artemis is about to cast off, he hears the sound of galloping hoof beats as Fergus approaches. Jamie's relief quickly turns to anger when he realises that Fergus is not alone. He has arrived with Marsali who is boarding the Artemis with him​.

Jamie angrily demands to know what they think they are doing. Fergus and Marsali reveal that they have been secretly handfast in front of witnesses. Jamie is furious with them both when he discovers what they've done and tells them he will put Marsali ashore when they stop for provisions. Marsali refuses to obey and tells Jamie that she doesn't care that Fergus is a property-less, crippled, criminal bastard - she wants him. Marsali argues fiercely with Jamie and starts to get abusive, calling Claire a whore, but Fergus brings her up sharply, saying that Jamie has done a lot for both of them and she owes him respect. Marsali calms down and tells Jamie that she will not go back to Balriggan, and if Jamie puts her ashore she will tell everyone that Fergus has slept with her, thus ruining her name. Jamie realises she has him over a barrel and lays down the law. Marsali may stay on board, but she and Fergus are to be married properly in the West Indies and Fergus is not to touch her until that happens.

Jamie's edict to Fergus has immediate consequences. With only two private cabins on the ship, Jamie and Fergus have to share one, and Claire and Marsali the other. This is particularly awkward for Claire as Marsali hates her. Fergus isn't much better off sharing with Jamie, as Jamie is crippled by seasickness and vomiting constantly.

On the second day, Jamie is very ill. He tells Claire that someone is trying to kill him, but that it isn't Innes. Jamie tells Claire to ask Fergus for more information. Claire is very worried but Mr. Willoughby is outside Jamie's cabin and tells Claire he will keep watch over Jamie. Claire finds Fergus who informs her that Jamie has been involved in two suspicious incidents that appeared to be accidents but may not have been. In one case a shed he was working in burst into flames, and in the second Jamie was almost crushed by falling casks in his warehouse. Even more worrying is that the man who Mr. Willoughby shot at Madame Jeanne's was carrying a copy of the New Testament which Jamie had printed in his printshop, raising the possibility that someone knows that Jamie Roy the smuggler and Alexander Malcolm the printer are the same person. Add to these events the ambush on the beach at Arbroath and it is possible that one of Jamie's smugglers is a traitor. Claire realises that if this person should make further inquiries they may discover Jamie's real name, and given the seditious material he had been printing, that could lead to him being hanged.

Fergus explains that they don't know for certain if there is a traitor among the smugglers, but if there is it will be one of the six on board the Artemis as they were all present during the other events. And as Jamie is sailing under his real name, they now all know his true identity so it is imperative that if one of the smugglers is a traitor that he is flushed out.

Claire spends her days trying to cure Jamie's seasickness, treating patients and avoiding Marsali who is openly hostile to her. Jamie can't keep anything down and is wretched. Mr. Willoughby mentions to Claire that he has some Chinese medicine that will help but that Jamie has flatly refused to have it. Claire mentions in a very loud voice all the terrible things that can happen to a person constantly dry wretching, such as twisted testicles that have to be amputated and Jamie gives in and allows Mr. Willoughby to treat him with his acupuncture needles. Fortunately for Jamie, the treatment works.

With little to do during the voyage, Jamie and Claire spend most of the time together, regaining the intimacy of their initial relationship and filling in the years they spent apart. One time after Jamie has been looking at the photos of Brianna that Claire brought with her, he asks Claire if perhaps she should have waited to come after him, as Brianna is now alone with no husband to protect her and no family to see her wed. The 200 year time difference between Claire and Jamie gapes as Claire tries to explain to Jamie that women in her time don't need protection from men, but that doesn't mean they don't still need men.

Claire treats Duncan Innes for constipation and learns that the smugglers have not been given the oatmeal and peas that were supposed to supplement their diet because the cook, Murphy, can't be bothered going to the effort of soaking and cooking them. Claire sorts it out but recognizes the stark difference in the relationship between Jamie and his smugglers and the tenants of Lallybroch. The fact that the men had not already approached Jamie about this, and that he had not realized what was happening would never have happened at Lallybroch. Claire finds this distance between Jamie and his men troubling. When Claire mentions this to Jamie he tells her that he is not their laird, just the man who pays them, and that apart from Innes he doesn't really know them.

The crew catch a shark one day which provides Jamie and Claire with a golden opportunity. While everyone else on the boat is preoccupied by the dead shark, Jamie and Claire sneak off and have a quick, lustful encounter in their cabin - their first since boarding the boat.

In 1767, Marsali overcomes her dislike of Claire in order to approach her while they are on board the Artemis, and ask her for contraceptive advice. During their conversation, Marsali tells Claire that Laoghaire did not like to be touched by Jamie and seemed to be afraid of him, although there seemed to be no reason for this. Laoghaire had told Marsali that sex was something to be endured, but Marsali had seen enough of the way Claire and Jamie touch each other to know that it must be possible for sex to be very pleasurable.

Claire gives Marsali some sponge to use soaked in tansy oil, but is interrupted in her advice by a sudden shout from above. Claire dashes up stairs to find that a large British man-o-war called the Porpoise has fired a warning shot and is planning to board them. Captain Raines tells Claire and Jamie that the Porpoise is shorthanded and they are probably intending to press as many British crew members of the Artemis as they can, as they are legally entitled to do this.

Jamie tells Claire that they will not press Fergus or Duncan because of their disabilities, and so if he is pressed, Claire is to continue onto Jamaica and hunt for Ian with the help of Fergus and Duncan. Claire protests that Jamie could pass as a Frenchman, in which case the British could not press him, but he refuses to leave his men. Jamie tells Claire that if they are separated he will find her in Jamaica, but for now it is best if they say that their surname is Malcolm.

The Porpoise draws alongside and a very young, tired and disheveled man climbs on board. He turns out to be the acting captain, Thomas Leonard, forced into the position after all the senior crew died of sickness. Half his crew are ill and thirty men have died. Thomas Leonard is desperately seeking a ship's surgeon. When he explains the symptoms to Claire she thinks the illness is typhoid fever and is happy to go aboard, but Jamie is not happy for her to do so. Claire explains to Jamie that when she became a physician she swore an oath to help whomever needs medical help, and Jamie reluctantly accepts her obligation. Jamie says he will accompany Claire, but she says he cannot as typhoid is very infectious and while she has been vaccinated against it, he has not.

Once on board the Porpoise Claire confirms her diagnosis of typhoid. Claire tells Captain Leonard that the only thing that can be done is to nurse the men and try and prevent any more of the crew getting infected. Claire knows that Jamie will be eager to get them all away from the Porpoise, but Captain Leonard begs her to stay for a while and help get things sorted. Claire signals to Jamie that she will be on the Porpoise for two more hours.

Claire starts the process of moving the sick men to the deck and goes down to the galley to talk to the cook about food hygiene when the Porpoise starts to move. With dismay Claire realises that they are sailing and she rushes upstairs to confront the captain. Captain Leonard is embarrassed but unapologetic. He sees no other way out of his predicament and no way of safely reaching Jamaica without Claire to help. Captain Leonard explains that Jamie was extremely unhappy about his plans, but when he threatened to press all the Englishmen and Scots on board the Artemis, Captain Raines agreed to let him keep Claire. Captain Leonard has promised Jamie that he will provide Claire with accommodation in Jamaica until the Artemis arrives.

Having no other choice in the matter, Claire grits her teeth and gets to work battling typhoid. She asks Captain Leonard if there is any alcohol on board and he goes with her to show her where it's kept when one of his crewmen, Tompkins, tries to speak with him, saying that he has recognized the red haired man on board the Artemis. Claire's ears prick up, but Captain Leonard sends the man off to tell the mate, saying he doesn't have time to deal with it.

Captain Leonard leaves Claire to talk to the purser, Mr. Overholt, about what sort of food is on board that would be suitable for the sick men. Overholt tells Claire that there is a small supply of special food which is for the use of their important passenger - the new governor of Jamaica, Lord John Grey.

Claire gains the assistance of a young midshipman called Elias Pound. Her priorities are to establish a quarantine to try and prevent the spread of the disease, and to try to find its source. Claire suspects the outbreak probably originated with the food handlers.

Claire slowly makes progress with halting the number of new infections but has not yet managed to find the source of the outbreak. She has additional problems with crew members stealing her supplies of pure alcohol and killing themselves by drinking it. Claire goes to see Captain Leonard to discuss these issues and enters his cabin to find him asleep at his desk and looking very young. Turning to leave, she knocks over some books and the Captain awakes. Startled he begins to call Claire 'Mrs Fraser', but catches himself and quickly changes it to 'Mrs Malcolm'. Claire doesn't notice at first and asks him for more alcohol and more fresh air in the sick bay. A bell rings summoning Captain Leonard to take a navigation reading and he apologizes that he must leave. Just before he does, Claire asks him how old he is. He replies that he is 19 years old and leaves the room, asking Claire to wait.

Claire is shocked to discover that he is only the same age as Brianna. She realises that his kidnapping her was due to pure desperation and feels a lot of empathy for him. Then Claire glances at the Captain's logbook and the name 'Fraser' catches her eye. She reads the entry and finds that Tompkins has told the Captain that Jamie is a criminal called James Fraser, and also known as Jamie Roy and Alexander Malcolm. The Captain has written that although he will not turn back to arrest Jamie, he may be able to arrest him in Jamaica. Claire immediately wonders how Tompkins knows so much about Jamie and who else knows it?

Claire asks Elias Pound where Tompkins came aboard the Porpoise, and learns that he was pressed at Edinburgh and that Tompkins had been a customs agent working for Sir Percival Turner. A couple of days later Tompkins injures his leg and is brought to Claire. Claire immediately recognizes him as being the man that Young Ian though he had killed in Jamie's printshop, as he is one-eyed, with the scars of a bad burn down one side of his face and wears his hair in a pigtail. With Tompkins unable to walk and at her mercy, Claire seizes the opportunity to extract information from him, by holding a bone saw to his injured leg and commanding him to talk.

​Tompkins tells Claire all about Sir Percival's ambitions to gain elevation to the peerage. When Sir Percival hears that a seditionist is working out of Edinburgh, he realises that if he can be to one to apprehend this person, he may be rewarded with a peerage. He makes little headway in learning the identity of the seditionist however, until one of Jamie's associates tips off another one of Sir Percival's agents that Jamie Roy is Alex Malcolm and his real name is Jamie Fraser. Tompkins does not know which one of Jamie's men tipped off the agent, but he tells Claire that the man was English. Claire cannot think who this Englishman could be.

Tompkins tells Claire that although he did not take part in the ambush at Arbroath due to his injuries, he had heard that Sir Percival had learned from this Englishman that Arbroath was the fallback landing place for Jamie, and so had warned Jamie of an impending ambush so that Jamie would change his plans to Arbroath and not suspect Sir Percival. Tompkins also tells Claire that the customs officer killed at Arbroath was killed by another customs officer on instruction from Sir Percival in an attempt to frame Jamie for the murder, as due to the print shop fire Sir Percival had no evidence that Jamie was a seditionist.

Edit Jamie and Claire, having found themselves and their companions in the New World, immediately set about changing the gems taken from Geilie into more spendable capital. Jamie speaks with Governor Tryon about the sale of the stones, and learns that a man can take possession of hundreds of acres in the back forests of the state if he swears an oath to the Crown.

Jocasta and River Run.

Establishing Fraser's Ridge.

Random events.

Arrival of Brianna.

Trying to get Roger back.

The family as a whole.

Edit The novel begins with preparations for a double wedding: that of Jocasta and Duncan, and that of Roger and Brianna, whose time for hand-fasting has almost ended. Claire is acting as host to a large group of Scots, as well as fighting for position as head physician.

Edit With Ian having returned, Claire and Jamie begin to contemplate the complications of the oncoming American Revolution.

Edit Claire and Jamie reluctantly leave Fraser's Ridge, planning to take Ian back to his parents in Scotland, fetch Jamie's printing press, and return to live peacefully in some city until the end of the Revolution, living as simple printers. The plan, of course, does not work perfectly.


One dictum I had learned on the battlefields of France in a far distant war: You cannot save the world, but you might save the man in front of you, if you work fast enough.

By any standard, Claire is a woman ahead of her own time in 1945, and an outright anomaly in the 18th century. Her unusual upbringing, together with her six years as an army combat nurse, shaped Claire into a thoroughly independent woman undaunted by rough living conditions and physical danger. She is an eminently sensible person, though her considerable personal freedom from a young age shows through in her stubborn aversion to taking orders without questioning them. When it comes to practicing medicine, Claire takes charge and keeps a cool head in dire situations. In the 20th century, she stands out as a woman in medical school, and in the 18th she draws the ire of fellow surgeons, an exclusively male profession at the time.

Physical Appearance

Claire's defining physical features include her extremely curly hair and golden-colored eyes. Her hair, when unfettered by pins or ribbons, is wildly large and curly, and frequently breaks free of its bonds when she is agitated or engaged in physical activity. At the beginning of the series, she observes that her hair is light brown, though later in life it takes on lighter streaks of gold and silver. By her early sixties, Claire has a broad streak of white hair at her temple.[20]

Her eyes are variously described as amber, golden, golden-brown, smoky topaz, the color of well-aged sherry or whisky, and compared to those of a hawk or leopard. Claire's Uncle Lamb told her that her mother's eyes had been the same color.[21] She has a naturally pale complexion, often described as so white as to be translucent, though her skin tans to a soft light brown after long periods of time spent outdoors. She has an average modern height at five feet, six inches, though she is taller than most women (and not a few men) of the 18th century.


Edit Frank first met Claire Beauchamp when he came to consult her uncle, Quentin Beauchamp, about a point of French philosophy as it related to Egyptian religious practice. After a period of time, they were married, and spent a brief two-day honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands, followed by a year together before the outbreak of World War II.

Claire and Frank were separated for most of the war. Once the war was over, Claire and Frank reunited in 1945 (1946 in Cross Stitch)[19] and decided to have a second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands to reestablish their marriage. They stayed in a town called Inverness in the north of Scotland, which was situated near an ancient stone circle. Claire went missing at that stone circle.

They were reunited when she returned again in 1948. However, Claire had returned pregnant with another man's child and admitted to having married and fallen in love with her second husband. Frank said he did not believe Claire's story, choosing instead to believe that she was delusional and losing her grip on reality.

Feeling some sense of responsibility for the welfare of Claire and her child, Frank insisted on staying by Claire as her husband. He asked that while he lived, Claire would never tell Brianna the truth of her paternity. Their relationship over twenty years remained rocky, and Claire suspected that Frank was involved in several affairs throughout the marriage, though he was discreet. After an intense argument that started with Frank's announcement that he was leaving Claire and taking Brianna with him, Frank stormed out and drove away in the middle of the night. While Claire was at the hospital checking on a patient, she received word that Frank had been in a fatal car accident.

Edit Claire met Jamie shortly after she accidentally traveled through time from 1946 to 1743. She reset his dislocated shoulder and bandaged wounds that he sustained during a skirmish with English soldiers over the course of one night, during which they rode the same horse on the way to Castle Leoch. While staying at the castle, Claire gradually learned more about Jamie's background and circumstances, namely that he had a price on his head for a crime he didn't commit and couldn't return to his family's home.

Just a few months after meeting, several weeks of which were spent on the road collecting rents with the MacKenzies, Claire was left with no better option for her survival than to marry a Scot in order to evade the grasp of Captain Randall. She married Jamie unwillingly, though over the course of their wedding night it became apparent that there was certainly more to the attraction that had been building between them than simple lust or loneliness. She took one opportunity to try to escape and return to her own time, but was foiled when she was picked up by English redcoats and brought to Captain Randall. Jamie rescued her, and they returned to Castle Leoch.

They spent several months as a married couple in the castle until Claire was imprisoned in the local village as a suspected witch. Jamie rescued her yet again, and she told him the truth about where, and when, she came from. He believed her, much to her surprise, though he admitted he didn't understand it yet. He then took her back to the stone circle at Craigh na Dun, so that she could return to her husband, Frank. Though she spent the day contemplating her decision, she ultimately chose to stay with Jamie.

They lived a few short, happy weeks at Lallybroch with Jamie's sister Jenny and her husband Ian, before Jamie was captured by redcoats in the district. Claire and Jenny, then later Claire and Murtagh tracked Jamie and made attempts to attract his attention to their location. After weeks of travel, they learned that Jamie had been captured and imprisoned at Wentworth. Claire convinced some MacKenzie men to help her rescue Jamie, and their mission was ultimately successful, though not before Jamie had suffered torture and abuse at the hands of Jack Randall. They escaped to France and stayed at the Abbey of Ste. Anne de Beaupré where Jamie's uncle was abbot. Jamie languished in despair and worsening illness until Claire employed unconventional methods to save Jamie's soul from torment, and help him begin to heal.

Learning that Claire was pregnant, and unable to return to Scotland, they decided to stay in France and try to prevent Charles Stuart from gaining traction among the Jacobites that would fund his imminent, doomed rebellion. They attended King Louis XV's court and ingratiated themselves into powerful circles, and the daily grind put a strain on their young marriage. When Captain Randall appeared in Paris, Jamie became determined to kill his abuser, but Claire begged Jamie to spare him for another year, in order to ensure her first husband, a descendant of Randall's, would still be born. He agreed at first, but after witnessing Randall in the act of molesting Jamie's young protégé, Fergus, Jamie challenged Randall to a duel with the intent to kill. Claire pursued them but arrived too late, able only to witness which of her husbands—Jamie or Frank—might die. During the fight, Claire suffered a miscarriage and later convalesced at L'Hôpital des Anges and Fontainebleau. She sought the King's favor to free Jamie from the Bastille, and upon reuniting they overcame their grief enough to reconcile and take solace in one another, and returned to Scotland with a pardon for Jamie.

They lived for a year at Lallybroch in relative peace, until Jamie was forced to join the Stuart cause and they left to join the army. Knowing the outcome—thanks to Claire's unique perspective—made witnessing the ups and downs of the campaign even more agonizing, but the strength of their bond sustained them through the war. Ultimately, however, Jamie made the anguished decision to send Claire back through the stones just before the slaughter at Culloden was due to occur, in order to save both Claire and their unborn child.

For twenty years they lived apart, neither completely their whole selves any longer, though they made significant efforts to support their families. It was not until 1968 that Claire returned to Scotland with their grown daughter, Brianna, and learned that Jamie did not die at the Battle of Culloden like he meant to. With the help of Brianna and a young historian named Roger Wakefield, they found Jamie's whereabouts in 1766, and Claire decided to go through the stones once more to find Jamie.


Claire first meets John Grey when she and Jamie are camping near Carryarrick, on their way to meet up with the rest of the Highland Army.

While scouting for his brother Harold, Duke of Pardloe's regiment, a sixteen-year-old John happens upon their Jacobite camp. He hears Claire's accent and immediately believes that she is a hostage. Seeing the infamous James Fraser only confirms his initial assumption.

Jamie quickly foils John's clumsy attempt to cut his throat. Jamie threatens to kill John in retribution, though he wants to interrogate him first.

When his initial interrogation attempts fail, Jamie takes advantage of John's chivalry by threatening to "rape" Claire, even going so far as to rip her gown open in illustration. A desperate Lord John agrees to tell Jamie what he knows in exchange for Claire's safety. After he's interrogated, John asks Jamie to assure him that Claire will be safe, at which point Jamie reveals that Claire is his wife.

Jamie ostensibly still plans to kill John, but an angry Claire argues that there's no evidence that John is a spy. Jamie, who was relying on Claire to come up with just such an argument, agrees to spare John's life. Claire binds John's broken arm before he departs, humiliated.

Years later, John and Jamie are reunited in Ardsmuir. Jamie thanks John for trying to protect Claire and tells him that Claire is dead.

Claire and John are reunited twenty years later on the Porpoise. Neither of them recognize one another. Claire, in the midst of battling a typhoid outbreak, is feeling hopeless and angry. John comforts "Mrs. Malcolm," and tells her he knows what it's like to feel responsible for men's lives.

A week later, Jamie and Claire are unexpectedly reunited with John. John is pleased to see "Mrs. Malcolm," but shocked when she introduces her husband Jamie.

Later that night, Claire sees Lord John Grey embracing Jamie tightly, and realizes at once that John has feelings for Jamie. She angrily confronts John, who admits his feelings for Jamie and tells her about William Ransom. Claire is even more taken aback when John reveals that he was the sixteen-year-old boy who tried to "rescue" her at Carryarrick.

John and Claire see each other again in October 1768, when John brings William to the Ridge. Claire is displeased to see him and is somewhat jealous of his relationship with Jamie. When John contracts the measles, Claire nurses him through the illness, giving them a chance to talk about their feelings. Both reveal that they are jealous of the other's relationship with Jamie. John tells Claire that his relationship with Isobel was affectionate but distant, and confesses he did not feel a significant amount of grief at her death. He also compliments Claire, and thanks her for saving his life. Claire softens toward him over the course of their time together, particularly after an incident with Gerhard Mueller.

In 1770, John Grey befriends Claire's pregnant daughter Brianna. Over the next few years, John sends Jamie and Claire multiple gifts, including the required items to make ether. In 1773, Lord John Grey sends one of his servants, Bobby Higgins, to be treated by Claire.

In June of 1777, Claire visits a Philadelphia shop in search of the ingredients for ether, but finds that Lord John has purchased the store's entire stock. Surprised, she rushes to the address given to her by the proprietor and reunites with Lord John.

Lord John is surprised but pleased to see her again, and reveals that he bought the ether in the hopes that Claire could use it to treat his nephew, Henry Grey. She and Denzell Hunter successfully perform surgery on Henry.

In April of 1778, John hears that the Eutrepe has sunk. Believing Jamie to be dead, he rushes to inform Claire. Both Claire and John are grief-stricken over Jamie's death. Only hours later, John encounters Captain Richardson, who tells him that he intends to arrest Claire for espionage.

John returns to the printshop at once and insists Claire marry him for protection. He tells Claire it's the last service he can perform for Jamie Fraser.

The two are married in John's home at Number 17 Chestnut Street. The day after their wedding, John gives Claire a large chest of medical equipment as a wedding present. Claire, remembering a similar anniversary gift Jamie had given to her a decade earlier, faints.

A week after her marriage to Lord John, she and John drunkenly sleep together. The following morning, both talk about Jamie and admit they are using each other to connect with Jamie's memory. John also talks of his sexual relationship with Isobel and his current relationship with his cook at his home in Virginia.

Though still mourning, Claire begins to settle into her life with Lord John, and develops a close relationship with her new step-son, William and niece Dottie. Claire asks Lord John if he believes she (and Brianna and Roger) are from the future, to which he says that he doesn't, but that he will behave for all appearances as though he does.

Approximately two months after their marriage, Jamie appears at Number 17 Chestnut Street. Both John and Claire are thrilled. However, things quickly go south when British soldiers arrive. Jamie is forced to leave with John as a fake hostage.

After leaving Philadelphia, John confesses that he slept with Claire, and angrily tells Jamie that he and Claire were both "fucking you." Furious, Jamie punches John in the eye. A group of continental soldiers arrive, and Jamie is forced to hand John over to them before making his way back to Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Claire has come into contact with John's brother, Hal. He knows she is John's new wife and is asking questions about John's whereabouts. Claire is concerned that an investigation will lead to consequences for Jamie. Before she can formulate a plan, Hal suffers an asthma attack. Claire takes Hal back to the house for treatment, saving his life. However she continues to hide her knowledge of John's whereabouts and essentially holds Hal hostage.

Later, Claire and Jamie join the continental army. Outside of Philadelphia, they come across Lord John, masquerading as a continental soldier. Claire treats Lord John's dislocated eye with the help of her grandson and John's loyal new orderly, Germain Fraser.

After Claire is shot, John visits her and Jamie to ask after her recovery. He teases Claire and makes her laugh, which annoys Jamie. He offers the use of his home in Philadelphia in exchange for Jamie's help in finding William. Jamie turns down the offer, but agrees to help Hal and John find William.

A month later, Claire is among the attendees at John's niece Dottie's wedding, though they do not speak. After John leaves Philadelphia, he writes to Claire to again offer his home for use as her medical practice. Claire encounters Ezekiel Richardson, who tells her he was a spy for the continental forces, and had tricked John into marrying Claire in the hopes of using Claire for information about John and Hal.

When Claire takes Fanny Pocock to claim the body of her sister Jane Pocock, she runs into John, who has come for the same purpose. She tells John what Richardson said, and warns him that Richard knows that John is gay.


  • Claire is the French form of Clara, which itself is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus which meant "clear, bright, famous".[22][23]
  • Elizabeth derives from Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), the Greek form of the Hebrew name אֱלִישֶׁבַע ('Elisheva') meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance".[24]
  • Beauchamp (English (or Norman origin) and French) is a habitational name from any of several places in France, for example in Manche and Somme, that are named with Old French beu, bel 'fair', 'lovely' + champ(s) 'field', 'plain'. In English the surname is generally pronounced "Beecham".[25]
  • Fraser may be derived from Fredarius, Fresel or Freseau. Another suggestion is that the Frasers were a tribe in Roman Gaul, whose badge was a strawberry plant.[26]


  • Jamie has two main endearments by which he addresses Claire:
    • Sassenach, which is the Scots form of a Gaelic word used to refer to English people, or outsiders. It is often used as a derogatory term, but Jamie addresses Claire affectionately by it.
    • Mo nighean donn, which means "my brown-haired lass" in the Gaelic.
  • In Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, Jamie calls Claire mo duinne, however this is not quite the right Gaelic translation for "my brown-haired lass". When Diana Gabaldon wrote and published the first two novels in the early 1990s, she had very limited access to Gaelic language resources, but by the time she was writing Voyager, a native speaker had helpfully corrected her usage, and mo nighean donn should be considered the correct form of the endearment for the entire series.
  • Her favorite exclamation is "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!", said over fifty times in the novels.
  • As of the latest novel in the series, Claire is a six-times grandmother and published physician.
  • Claire has type A blood.[27]
  • When Claire and Frank first move to Boston, Claire drives a small Ford.[28]
  • L'Heure Bleue[29] – the perfume Claire used to smooth down her hair the night of Frank's encounter with a ghost. Claire notes that it is Frank's favorite.[10][30] L'Heure Bleue is an actual perfume by Guerlain.
  • French soap perfumed with lily of the valley - Jenny leaves this soap for Claire to use after Claire returns to tend Jamie's gunshot wound when Laoghaire shoots him. Claire knows that this quality of soap is only given to guests and not to family and Jenny is making a statement to Claire.[31]
  • When Jamie asks Claire why she doesn't just tell him to go to the devil when he gets crotchety at her for being sick a lot while pregnant, she bursts out laughing and says: "Go to hell, Jamie. Go directly to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars". This is a reference to the 'Go to Jail' card found in both the Chance and Community Chest card sets in the game of Monopoly.[32]
  • Following her rescue from Black Jack Randall Claire receives a pony named Thistle from Dougal MacKenzie.[33]
  • While living in Boston with Frank and Brianna the family had at least two dogs.
    • Bozo - Bozo died of old age in 1967.[34]
    • Smoky - Large Newfoundland dog. Smoky had a black coat, not a gray one as his name might suggest.[35]
  • Claire has been shown to be able to heal herself by meditating and thinking of Jamie,[citation needed] and has displayed the power of psychometry (psychic sensations from objects). She displays this when she touches a skull and feels sadness and surprise, indicating that the person was murdered.

TV Series

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Irish actress Caitriona Balfe portrays Claire Randall in the STARZ Outlander television series.

Actress Elizabeth Bowie portrayed Young Claire in the series premiere, Sassenach.