Brownsville is a small hamlet in Western North Carolina, near the Great Balsam Mountains and about forty miles from Fraser's Ridge.[5] Brownsville was founded by Richard Brown and his brother Lionel, both of whom have an adversarial relationship with the residents of the Ridge.

Outlander series

The Fiery Cross

In October of 1770, Brownsville is made up of about a dozen cabins[6] and a slightly larger building that comprises Brownsville's general store, taproom, and pothouse.[7]

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

By 1776, Brownsville is still a relatively small settlement, but the Brown family have become more powerful across the county. Several Regulator families near Brownsville publicly criticize the Browns' influence in regional politics.

Brownsville also becomes the sometimes headquarters for Arvin Hodgepile and his roving band of thieves. When Claire is kidnapped by Hodgepile, Lionel Brown, and a number of other men, plan to meet in Brownsville.

An Echo in the Bone

After Lionel Brown's death, the residents of Brownsville continue to have a tense relationship with the residents of Fraser's Ridge, and several scuffles break out between two communities. In December 1776, several men from Brownsville, including Wendigo Donner, burn down the Big House in their attempt to rob Jamie and Claire.



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