The Artemis is the ship on which Claire and Jamie Fraser travel across the Atlantic in pursuit of the Bruja, on which they believe Ian Fraser Murray and his kidnappers are bound for the West Indies.


The Artemis is a mid-sized sloop.[1] She is 80 feet long and 25 feet wide. The Artemis has two private cabins, each with two built-in beds about five and a half feet long.[2] She has four huge guns.[3]

Outlander series



  • Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, the twin of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She was known as Diana to the Romans.[4]


  • Author Diana Gabaldon kept a blog titled, "Voyages of the Artemis" from 2008 to 2011. Thereafter she began publishing blog posts on her website.
  • One of the gunners on the Artemis is named Tom Sturgis. Tom Sturgis is the name of a longstanding brand of pretzels in the USA, founded in 1861 in Pennsylvania.
  • Claire deals with a number of ailments and injuries while on board the Artemis:
    • An abscessed tooth[2]
    • Bleeding gums[2]
    • Skin infections[3]
    • Digestive ills[3]
    • Broken fingers[2]
    • Burnt hands[3]
    • Broken toes[5]
    • Cracked ribs[2]
    • Crushed fingers[3]
    • Cholecystitis[2]
  • Brodie Cooper, a seaman on board the Artemis, plays the fiddle.[6]


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