Argus House is a London residence of the Grey family, currently occupied by Hal, his wife, and children.


The house is located on the south edge of Hyde Park, just west of the Hyde Park Barracks.[1]

It was previously the residence of Gerard Grey and Benedicta Grey. Upon Gerard Grey's death, Harold Grey inherited the house as well his father's title of Duke of Pardloe.

Though the Grey family has at least one country estate in Earlington[2] and several other properties, Hal and his family seem to spend the majority of their time at Argus House. Hal lived at Argus House with his first wife, Esmé. After her death, he and his second wife, Minerva Grey, lived at Argus House and raised their children, Benjamin, Henry, Adam, and Dottie there.


Argus House has fourteen bedrooms, not including those in the servants' quarters. The ground floor of the house contains a cramped study as well as a much larger library that looks out over the back garden.

The house is set back from the road and lined with trees on all sides. The inner garden of Argus House contains a fish pond and a large glass greenhouse.




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  2. The Custom of the Army
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