Angus Mhor ("Big Angus") is Colum MacKenzie's body servant and bodyguard. His last name is unknown; "mhor" is simply a Gaelic adjective.

Personal History

There are no details given about Angus's background, beyond the fact that he is Colum's servant and bodyguard.

Events of the Novels

Angus Mhor attends the ceremony in the hall at Castle Leoch as an executioner, and so when Laoghaire MacKenzie's father brings her to be punished for wantonness, Angus prepares to strap her in front of the entire hall. Jamie Fraser intercedes on the girl's behalf, and takes her punishment from Angus – though Jamie chooses fists, rather than the strap. Later, Jamie recalls to Claire that Jamie had once before taken punishment at Angus's hands, when he was sixteen and living at the castle. At that time, he had been forced to take the strap.

Angus's other duties involve attending Colum MacKenzie as a body servant and guard.

Angus accompanies Colum MacKenzie to Edinburgh, where Colum must tell Charles Stuart whether he will declare the MacKenzies of Leoch for or against the prince's rebellion.


Angus's physical presence is emphasized much more than his personality. He is rarely seen speaking in a scene; instead, his forbidding stature does more than enough to affect those around him. In his attention and care shown towards his master, however, he is clearly devoted and loyal.

Physical Appearance

Angus is described as giant, towering over even Jamie. He has coarse black hair and beetling brows, and about a forty-inch waist.


  • Angus is the anglicized form of Aonghas, which possibly means "unique strength" derived from Irish óen "one" and gus "force, strength, energy".[2][3]
  • Mhor comes from the Gaelic mòr, which means "big, great, large".[4]


  • Angus is the first character whose role in the television series deviates significantly from his role in the books.
    • His main significance in the books is to act as bodyguard to Colum and dole out justice in the Hall when needed. To that end, when Jamie elects to take Laoghaire's punishment, it is Angus who carries it out at Colum's orders.
    • In the TV series, Angus is one of Dougal's men, and his role is expanded to play off of Rupert and the other Highlanders. He often fulfills a "comic relief" role, especially when interacting with Claire.
    • In the TV Series, Angus dies at the Battle of Prestonpans
  • The nickname "Angus Mhor" means "Big Angus" in Gaelic, and refers to the character's immense height and strength. His surname is not mentioned in either the books or TV series.

TV Series

Main article: Outlander (TV series)

English actor Stephen Walters portrays Angus Mhor in the STARZ Outlander television series.




  1. Angus Mhor of the novels bears little resemblance to the Angus character on the television series, particularly when it comes to height.
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