I have seen one such cave. Abandawe, the Maroons call it. They consider it a most sinister and sacred spot, though I do not know why.

Abandawe is the location of an ancient cave and a stone circle on the island of Hispaniola.[1]


The circle of megaliths is arranged at the crown of a steep, rocky hillside composed of limestone, spiky aloes, and coarse grass. Nearby is the entrance to a cave, with a long, uneven and at times very narrow passageway leading to an inner chamber where the bell-hum of the time portal sounds loudest.

Events of the NovelsEdit


In their search for Young Ian, Jamie and Claire pursue Geillis Duncan to Abandawe, where she holds Young Ian captive in order to use him as a blood sacrifice before she enters the time portal. When she taunts them with her knowledge of Brianna's existence as the last of Lovat's line, Jamie lunges toward her and Geillis shoots him. Though it grazes his temple, he falls, and Claire, enraged by this threat to her daughter, her nephew, and now to Jamie, attacks Geillis with such fury that she is able to lift an ax and nearly decapitate Geillis.




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