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"Blood of My Blood" - Episode 406

Wow this season is just getting better and better. I loved the three story lines in this episode. The story between Claire and Lord John in the cabin, second, between Jamie and William and finally between Murtagh and both the Frasers and Lord John. I thought the journey Claire and Lord John walked from antagonists to mutual respect was very well done. Then the journey of fatheJamie and his son bonding in a hunt and also in the face of danger with the Cherokee was very heartwarming. And how wonderful was it when Willie look back to his father. Finally I loved the antagonist position that Murtagh played with Lord John at the meal and then later with Jamie until he realized that William is Jamie's son. These last two episodes are what I love about Outlander, human conflict, raw emotion all coming together through great storylines and acting.

According to the sneak peek of episode 407, Down the Rabbit Hole, we will see Bree going back in time to meet with Jenny and Ian before she departs for America and Roger too goes back in time to find Bree at a different time and meets Steven Bonnet. I can't wait to see this coming episode and the one that follows. I am very happy with this season now, even though I thought it started out a bit slow, but now it is on a roll.
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• 12/3/2018

Brianna's time travel

Why is Brianna's decision to time travel and her actual going thru the stones missed? Has the Author ever been asked about this or commented on it?

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• 12/3/2018

Will Claire Now Have Two Wedding Rings From Jamie?

Jamie has asked Murtagh to make a wedding ring for Claire from his mother, Ellen's silver candle stick. Murtagh turned it over and realized it right away that it belonged to his lost love, Jamie's mother. Brianna has now traveled back and if the writers follow the book somewhat Stephen Bonnett is going to come into play again. Brianna gives up A LOT to get her mothers ring back. Will it be the ring that she and Roger use at the up coming gathering when they get married? In the books they use Brian's, Jamie's fathers ruby ring.

Things are picking up and I am sitting Indian style three feet away from my TV screen! My mother used to tell me to move back because I was going to go blind LOL but I love having the front row seat watching this saga!

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• 12/3/2018

Murtagh Is Back! What History Will Be Exposed?

Talk about ups and downs in episode 405! First, we are elated by Jamie's God father's return and then find out that he is part of the renegades. What is everyone's guess as to how much "history" Claire will divulge to Murtagh? Remember he is privy to Claire's time travel and I'm sure he will ask her. She told them that Culloden was a loss for the Jacobite army but Murtagh went with Jamie anyway. I loved that scene: (Jamie) I'll not have you dying for nothing. (Murtagh) I won't be, I'll be dying with you!" The bond is still there between these two men even after all these years but Jamie has given his word to the Governor not to become involved with the renegades. It's going to be interesting. If Claire does tell Murtagh he is on the winning side will it embolden him or will he come to Fraser's Ridge and give Jamie his allegiance?

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• 12/2/2018

"Savages" - Episode 405

All I can say is this has been my favorite episode so far, this is the Outlander I love.; warmth, passion, sorrow, conflict and heartwrenching emotion. The experiences with the Cherokee in this episode were much better but also towards the later part of this episode, that experience becomes very sad. The closing scene with Bree will have me waiting in great anticipation for next week, we are on a journey towards great meeting in an upcoming episode. The rugged but domestic life of Claire and Jamie Fraser is is on full display. But for me, by far, the scene in the blacksmith shop was the best part of the episode along with the scene when the blacksmith walks to the Feaser home, to bring a silver gift to Jamie that Jamie asked him to fashion out of one of his mother's silver candlestick holders, and as he is walking through a meadow, we see him as he is whistling a catchy tune we all know well. I have tried not to give anything away that might spoil things for you if you are reading this before watching the episode. But if you are reading this before seeing it, well all I can say is buckle up for a great ride. I hope you will be like me in saying, "I'm vera pleased!"
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• 11/27/2018

Watching Outlander in US over Christmas

This is a question to all Americans. I am going to be in FLA Dec 22 to Jan 5 and will miss two episodes. In Canada we watch them on the W Network the same time slots as Starz. I am at a resort that I expect to have many channels. If they do not have Starz, is there any other channel that airs the S4 episodes on the day of release or the day after?

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• 11/27/2018
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• 11/26/2018

Season 4 viewership is down 🤔

According to the viewership tracking of Outlander season 4, the Nealson stats say viewership is way off from last year down to the 1st year levels. This decrease could be due in part to the fact that many more people are using alternative means to view the show other than cable or satellite. Another reason, and I think it is a big reason for the decrease in viewership is the severity (length) of droughtlander. I mean who wants to invest so much loyalty capital into a program with only 12 episodes and 9 months of arid dryness.
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• 11/26/2018

Thoughts on "Common Ground" - Episode 404

While I enjoyed the episode and have watched it 3 times now, I thought it was not up to the highest standard of the series. Certain parts I thought were a little weak. For instance "the bear" scene was a bit lame if you ask me. The outcast Cherokee who pretended to be a bear just wasn't very believable. On that score the book version of a real bear attack was far more interesting and definitely more believable. I mean according to the series version this outcast Cherokee overpowered John Meyers, a man of considerable physical stature and an experienced woodsman to boot and yet this smaller Cherokee man nearly kills him bare handed and face to face as his wounds indicate. Sorry but I was a bit let down by this rendition. I don't mean to compare the book to the series but the book rendition was much better and makes Jamie's Cherokee name "Bear Killer" much more believable.

However I can also say that the rewrite of Bree and Roger's interaction of how Roger uncovered two seperate but critical bits of information about Jamie and Claire, especially what he discovers from Fiona was much better in the series because it got right to the point and sets things up better for future events and because he called to tell her about Fiona's information but she was gone makes things less problematic for him down the road. As I said, overall, I enjoyed the episode, especially the scene around the partial frame of their new home, it sets the stage for their domestic new life in the wilderness together. But as I said it was not one of the best episodes in my estimation and I will continue to watch with great anticipation.

As the Starz preview showed, Bree goes to the standing stones and makes a leap back into the past and as Roger discovers what Brianna has done he will follow her. With all that said, I am looking forward to Brianna's encounter in Scotland. Looks like Episodes 406 (Dec 9), "Blood of My Blood", 407 (Dec. 16), "Down the Rabbit Hole", and 408 (Dec 23 a Christmas gift to Outlander fans?), "Wilmington will be a real treat for the heart of Outlander fans.
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• 11/24/2018

Jamie's grave?

I'm reading Drums of Autumn - about a third of the way through. At some point before she went back, Claire saw Jamie's grave in Scotland. I also seem to recall that Brianna & Roger mentioned a grave/ graveyard in Voyager. However, I do not recall reading that passage. I DO seem to recall reading somewhere that Frank had put up a headstone for Jamie (might have been here or perhaps in another forum). Did I miss this in the books or will it be discussed at some point later in DOA or subsequent books?

Thank you -


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• 11/24/2018

Outlander Starz Podcasts

Are you listening to the podcasts after watching the show each week? What do you think of them? I really love hearing what the producers and writers think and experience in filming the TV show.
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• 11/17/2018

False Bride "Episode 403" (Book and TV Spoilers)

So I have not seen episode 403 yet, but I was wondering a little bit about the episode title. Since it is so early in the series and since by now it seems obvious to everyone that perhaps Bree will go to see her parents, is it possible that until she does, their needs to be a build up to trigger the event. Now this is pure speculation on my part, or if you prefer, a wild ass guess regarding the title of this episode. In the preview for this episode we see Fiona tell Roger, "don't you think you should tell her?" Now I know there is another bit of info he possesses concerning Jamie and Claire that would be enough, but what if Roger discovered that Loaghaire and Jamie were married and that records showed their marriage was nullified. This information would be a glimmer in Bree's mind that her mother did find Jamie and that he righted things so that he could be with her mother once again. If Roger discovered that their marriage was nullified because Jamie's first wife was not dead but was mistakenly believed to be so and was the grounds for nullity, then Lloaghaire would be a false bride. Like I said, just as a WAG. The other info Roger has could also be revealed. What do you think? We will know for sure in a few hours.

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• 11/12/2018

Any Thoughts or Opinions on Season 4 Rendition of the Skye Boat Song?

I like the country twang they have added to Season 4 rendition of the skye boat song. It speaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I loved the music in the movie Cold Mountain with Nichole Kidman and Jack White played in the movie. They did a concert and included all the music (always telling a story) that has been passed down for generations. They, like the Scottish are a superstitious bunch and tell stories through their music. It's so soulful and I picked up on the change during the opening of the first episode America The Beautiful. Research Jack White and let me know what you think. They have tweaked the Skye Boat Song each season and I think it is just another added genius segment of Outlander.

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• 11/11/2018

Do No Harm - Episode Discussion (Book and TV Spoilers)

Let's discuss episode 2 in this thread - but please note that ANY of the published books may be discussed in this thread, as well as current and future episodes of the show. So if you don't want to know about major book spoilers, avoid this thread!

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• 11/11/2018

Do No Harm - Episode Discussion (TV spoilers ONLY)

Let's discuss episode 2 in this thread - but please do not include material from the books unless it has already aired in the TV show. Thanks!

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• 11/11/2018

Spoilers please? I need summaries.

Hey. If any of you are die hard fans and watch on the app at midnight... Would you mind dropping a little (semi descriptive) summary? I feel like season 4 is going to be extremely different from the other 3. I don't want to be caught off guard like I was during episode one last week.
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• 11/7/2018

Where/how to watch Outlander internationally

This page on Diana's website lists various countries and how to watch the series there. It looks like it hasn't been updated for Season 4, but the main takeaway is really the explanation of how the show gets distributed around the world. There's a thorough explanation on the page, but tl;dr, Sony is the one who sells the show to international markets, so they're the ones you need to contact about how to watch the show in your country.


DianaGabaldon.com | Where/How To Watch
DianaGabaldon.com | Where/How To Watch www.dianagabaldon.com
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• 11/4/2018


Okay, so I can't watch it today because I'm foreign, however, I have a question (Not about the episode), but does this page have a discord server?

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• 11/4/2018

America The Beautiful (SPOILERS, Book & TV)

OMG! I just finished watching the first episode. If this is indicative of season 4, then all I can say is bring it on. As they say in German, "Es war fantastisch, vor allem das Ende." It was fantastic especially the ending.

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• 10/23/2018

Diana Gabaldon on visiting Canadian prisons

I just watched this interview with Diana from this year's Surrey International Writers' Conference, and I thought some folks here might be interested. She talks about visiting Canadian prisons to speak to inmates about writing.


October 19, 2018
October 19, 2018 YouTube
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